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Crockett, TX

Please join us for this upcoming event and become a part of spreading the Gospel. It will change your life.

Bebie Jones had a study with Sarah after she came to the building in Crockett and joined us for lunch.

Nov 1 - Nov 12, 2006

Grace St Church of Christ
124 S Grace St
Crockett TX , 75835

Nov 12, 2006 - Campaign Ends Today with 75 Baptisms

This morning we had 73 baptisms and out of those 73 about 63 were at services this morning.  During bible class, Rick Kelley introduced those that were there one at a time and they told their story.  As others were coming in the front door, Rick continued to introduce them one by one and their stories were told.  It was a beautiful morning.  Whites, Hispanics and Blacks all singing praises to the Lord in Crockett, Texas. 
Several of the new Christians continued to bring some of their friends to the worship service which led to two more bible studies right after potluck.  Dot Johnson brought her boyfriend telling him that he needed to obey the gospel.  He was ready to get his life right with the Lord telling us that he knew if the Lord were to come today he would not go to Heaven.  Consequently, Frank is now a brother in Christ.  And then there is Sandy.  Sandy has been to services a few times and we just needed to be sure that she knew what she was doing.  After studying with the gospel illustrated, Sandy is now our sister in Christ.  After the prayer in the welcome circle, Sandy yelled out, “I’m Baptized!”  Isn’t that wonderful?
Brothers and Sisters, if you get a chance please visit Grace Street church of Christ in Crockett, Texas.  When you listen to the new Christians say things like, “They make sure you understand what you’re doing” or “They teach you one on one” or “We don’t see any racial problems in this church” or “We feel love and sincerity here” or “We know the Lord is here” then that’s a testimony of this congregation.  And it’s true because we saw the members just open their arms with love, and help the new Christians find scriptures during services, and sit with them during the potluck.  This congregation is doing it God’s way.

 Grace Street, the We Care cadre loves you with the love of the Lord!!

Nov 11, 2006 - The following song is sung to the tune of

God’s Way

by Joe Hyde (from Grace Street church of Christ, Crockett, TX)

 Hungry was I, You gave me some foodMy throat was dry, You gave me a drink

Naked was I, You put in clothesI was so ill, You visited meI was in jail, You came to meYou did it God’s way!

I once was lost, But now I am foundWas in my sin, Now cleansed by the bloodI changed my life, To live for the LordTo follow my King, Who reigns from aboveI meditate, On His Holy WordI did it God’s way!

I know that God, Is calling for youTo come unto Him, To start life anewTo never forget, What Christ did that dayHe took the nails, To wipe sin awayHe conquered death, For you and meHe did it God’s way!Now listen to me, I’ll try not to judge

When I see someone, That doesn’t fit in

I’ll show him that Christ, Is living in meInvite him in, To this familyI’ll show Him the One, That’s worthy of praiseAnd do it God’s way!


Nov 11, 2006 - 72 Souls Have Come to Christ in Crockett, TX -- Hearts Are Shared

Ruby Oden scheduled another After Care with some of new Christians from Ruby Batts family and sure enough they brought in another young man to learn about the gospel.  “The Lord sends them like little birds begging” said Ruby Oden.  So Reggie Gardner was asked to teach him.  He understood and put on his Lord in baptism as services were beginning last night making the number 72. 

But the story continues.  Ruby Oden allowed Ruby Batts to teach the After Care to these members of her family last night.  Bill had already taught her and was very straight forward with her causing her to be well grounded since she’s bringing in all these family and friends.  She started teaching them as if she’s been doing this all her life.  When Ruby comes to services it takes her two trips because she has two car loads.  She also works with a community group and teaches about 300 older teens and twenty year olds.  Ruby is on fire for the Lord and her words to those in her After Care study were “Sunday morning bible class and services are mandatory.”  She’s teaching them to grow up in the way of the Lord.  “You go, Ruby!”

This morning Larry gave the congregation a chance to express their hearts and to tell how they have stretched.  It was a great morning of sharing and the following are some of the thoughts that were expressed.We have learned that the new Christians are ready to work and are excited to help in studies.  One of the new Christians said teaching another that he was once taught once saved always save.  He continued to tell them that it is wrong because of the verse that says if you go back then you are worse off.  He has been instrumental in bringing others to Christ.

We have learned that the Lord has added entire families to this congregation.  There is one family of 14 or more and another family of 12 or more.  Then there is the family where the wife/stepmother was instrumental in bringing her daughter in law and husband to Christ.  The daughter in law brought her best friend and her husband has set up a study with his brother, a Baptist preacher.  And there is the wife that the congregation has kept in their prayers for years who obeyed and her husband who rededicated his life to the Lord.  Big and small families—they are coming to the Lord.  They’re becoming one in Christ.

The plans for Victory Sunday, tomorrow morning, is for those in the family who started the ball rolling to be introduced first to the congregation, and then add their families and friends chronologically, one at a time.  Now that will be an informative time for all of us since we’re still trying to weed out who belongs to who.  So many came that it gets a little confusing and as the locals say, “That’s Crockett.”

The urgency to reach the lost was shown this week.  The opportunity to watch the expressions and hear what they had to say when they came out of the water gave us chill bumps.  And then there was the intensity of the hugs. 

It is now being said in the church that Crockett is a goal mine.  But we know the work of the Lord is a goal mine and we have to find them and we have to let the Lord lead us to them. 

One of the young ladies baptized was Jessica.  Remember her?  She was the one whose husband is incarcerated and obeyed while in jail.  She delivered her baby girl early yesterday morning.  She’s had so many visits from several members of this congregation and the twenty’s group put together gifts to include a car seat, baby clothes and other necessities.  She has been taken in under their wings.  Isn’t that great!

 One of the members arranged for a Spanish team to come talk to two of his employees during company time.  The team visited and presented the gospel to them which took approximately two hours.  Later the team leader asked him why he’s doing this and he said, “Most employers give raises and I give them what they need.”

The decision was made to and we began praying for the campaign 1 ½ years ago.  However, it took about 6 months for the congregation to grasp what we were about to endure.  During that time they saw tremendous growth.  Then the congregation responded and stepped out and said “We’re gonna’ do it”.  As said this morning, “God has shown us that we can step up.  We tend to say I can’t and God shows us we can and we do.  We’ve looked into the eyes of God.  We’ll never be the same.”

We were told a couple of things like, “Thank you for showing us how to find souls” and “Don’t forget the souls that are there in the congregations, especially the teens” and “Thank you for your love for the Lord.  It doesn’t go unnoticed.”  We thank you Grace Street for those sweet and precious words and we want to say your work certainly didn’t go unnoticed from the day of the first cadre arrival.  You were prepared and you are a bold congregation.  You know the task in front of you and you’re not afraid.  You will always be in our hearts and in our prayers.

We love you Grace Street church of Christ in Crockett, TX. 

Nov 10, 2006 - 71 Baptisms -- And the New Christians Teach Others
3 more obeyed this afternoon and teams are still out as they go back to check on those who couldn't make a decision.  And still others are out walking streets and knocking doors.  The last lady that was baptized is hispanic.  She knows some english but some help in translation.  Her story is that she was reading the bible where it says "Knock and you shall receive."  And at that time there was a knock on the door and there was a cadre from the campaign.  I wonder who sent the team there at that time?  She is so grateful to know the gospel that there was someone present that Lydia and her team had taught but didn't know what to do.  Sacorra just started telling her in spanish her story and then teaching her the gospel.  It was beautiful and we were all so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Now that's conviction!!!

Nov 10, 2006 - 68 Baptisms at Grace Street -- Still More Studies

Brothers and Sisters, this is a town of 7,000 and we have had 68 baptisms and there will be more.  That means 1% of Crockett, TX has come to obey the Lord.  Isn’t that wonderful and amazing?  What we have seen here is the Lord and His power.  What we are witnessing is just a very small portion of what happened on the day of Pentecost and I have to tell you, “It’s Exciting”.  Wow!!!  God is Great and His power is Awesome.

This morning during reports we had our Battlefield Promotions and we find that everyone deserves a metal for stepping up and being on the Lord’s team.  But the most amazing are our new Christians who keep asking us to come talk to their Mom and Dad, or best friends, or sons, or daughters or neighbors.  Even when we think that we’ve talked to all their families, they tell of others they are concerned about.  Some of us in this campaign have only knocked one door.  The word is out and people are now coming to the evening meetings just to see what the buzz is all about in Crockett. 

With all the baptisms and what’s happening the leaders of the congregation have decided that one word is not allowed, and that word is “overwhelmed”.  That's a bad word.  Tim Culp talked to the cadre this morning and told us what they have all been talking about.  He said they prayed for this and want the cadre and everyone interested to know that they are very aware of what they have gotten into and know that God will put nothing more on them than what they can handle.  He said he knows this congregation and says it is loving and caring and they all realize what is before them.  They know that everything is in God’s hands and they are His tools.  He said that from day one we laid this campaign at the Lord’s feet.  And after hearing all of those precious words, we know these new babes will continue to be nurtured.

With that said, I will share a couple of stories with you, but just a couple.  If I tell all of them to you I will not have any fingers left.  Heather Standley is one of the teens that was baptized Sunday afternoon and Lynn Standley was in on the study.  Lynn is Heather’s stepmother.  Heather wanted to be baptized and knowing that her dad was on the road she didn’t wait.  When Lynn told John, Heather’s dad, what she had done he was upset because she didn’t wait for him.  Lynn shared with John over the phone the question on the front of the chain reference bible and then she told him the question that the Lord asks at the end of the presentation in Acts 22:16.  That piqued John’s interest and he agreed to a study with Tim Culp, John’s best friend from childhood.  Tim asked Stew Highberg if he would present the gospel.  After Stew presented the gospel, Tim was at first upset that his brother, a Baptist minister, didn’t tell him the whole story.  He then knew he needed to obey and then made the comment, “I now understand why Heather couldn’t wait.”  Now a family is in Christ.

Speaking of families in Christ.  It started out with Dot Johnson and her family and now at least 13 in that family have obeyed the gospel.  Then Maegan Bishop was baptized and at least 15 in that family have been baptized, but I think it’s more than that.  Then there is the Standley family and others that are still multiplying.  Wow!  Entire families.  Isn’t that something?  It’s just like Lydia and her household, and the Philippian jailer and his household, and Cornelius and his household are all in one campaign.  We are WOWED!!

One more family to talk about.  The very first day of the campaign Larry and Peggy West went with Rick Kelley to talk to Rhonda and Jackie Lewis.  Jackie is a member of the Lord’s body but not Rhonda and people love her so much that she was one on the prayer list and 10 Most Wanted list.  The first day they talked to her for 4 hours.  Then they went back and they went back and they went back, all at her request.  She had a lot of questions.  She and Jackie have been attending every service and she holds back every night.  Well, last night she finally came forward and was baptized by Larry.  Boy, there were a lot of tears.  This was such an answer to the prayers of this congregation and it’s so exciting to see Jackie and Rhonda as one.  Jackie thanked the church for the love and concern they continued to have for him and Rhonda and let all of us know that he has a “new wife”. 

Please be sure to check out all the pictures. 

Nov 9, 2006 - 55 Obeyed the Gospel -- Fruit of a Great Reputation in the Community

Can you believe it?  This congregation has not only grown by 55 but when all the children are added the realization is that they are growing and multiplying.  It has been an experience that all will never forget and the campaign still isn’t over.  More studies are out there and the stories are exciting.

Grace Street has been praying fervently for growth in their congregation for 18 months.  They knew they needed to break the racial barrier so everyone in the community can worship as the body of Christ in Crockett, Texas.  Well, God has provided the answer.  After going out and presenting the gospel to just a few in the community people are coming out to learn of this gospel.  They are actually coming to us on the streets asking for studies.  Some of our new Christians come back for an After Care study and bring others who want to know about the gospel.  Others will come in and sit in on scheduled studies.  We even have new Christian teens bringing in their friends.  People are saying these words, “I want to know what you are teaching.”  So the Lord has answered prayers and has broken the racial barrier by sending us to everyone--White, Hispanic, and Blacks--coming in families to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The response in this town is overwhelming.  We have learned that a church doesn’t have to change its name to get more people in the Lord’s church but we have to teach the gospel. 

Grace Street wouldn’t be in this wonderful situation if it wasn’t for their reputation in this community.  They are a church that serves.  When Hurricane Katrina and Rita hit the gulf coast, Crockett had put up many in the Civic Center and other places in the community.  The church decided that they would put up who they could and they opened their building to the needy.  They put a family in each classroom and provided food, clothing, etc. as needed.  The Red Cross came out and liked what they saw and asked Grace Street church of Christ if they would be the area headquarters and the church agreed.  They are also in the process of building a few more restrooms, showers and washing rooms in the back of the church property.  They are a loving church and have opened their arms to those in need.  And what we are seeing this week is the fruit of their great reputation. 

Some of the stories include one of the new Christians bringing in her fiancé.  She told him that if they were going to get married then he needed to get right with the Lord and obey the gospel.  Now that’s conviction and wanting to start a marriage right, isn’t it.  So Dwight Dell studied with the young man and said that every step of the presentation you would see his whole demeanor light up.  At the end, when he put it all together, he started laughing and pounding the table.  He said, “I can’t believe it’s so simple.  How can anyone miss it?”  He was happy to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ.

O.C Cardenas and Lydia Waldon are the only Spanish speaking in this campaign and they have been very busy with other cadre members going to homes of the Spanish who want to hear the gospel.  Another barrier broken in Crockett, Texas.  They also came across a very small congregation (the only one in the area) that heard the gospel taught last night.  Two preachers were even in on this study but it was the wives and others who really saw what the Lord is saying.  There are two differences:  music and the fact that is essential to baptize immediately.  After all the scripture says, “Why are you waiting?  Arise and be baptized and wash away your sins calling on the name of the Lord?”  Acts 22:16

One of the new Christians (Megan) wanted one of the cadre members to study with her boyfriend.  He was at lunch yesterday and this cadre member, Christy Gragg, talked to him all during lunch but had no idea that he was the boyfriend.  But Billie Preston’s team knocked his door the day before and had already set up a study with him.  Unbeknownst to Christy or Megan, God already took care of him and he was baptized yesterday afternoon.

People are coming in to obey the gospel that members here have known for years.  Some are coming in that members know from just living in the community and talk with at work, or in the stores, or at the Post Office, etc.  Some are saying they’ve been waiting for us.  Some even thought we were out in the neighborhood selling insurance.  We were, but not the kind they thought.  We were selling the ultimate insurance.  The Gospel.

One of the men in the congregation told us this morning that he had a hostile attitude for a year.  He used to think, “Lord, if you’re gonna’ save them anyway then why are you sending me?”  He said he has now learned that he is a

“better fisherman than he is fish bait.”

Nov 7, 2006 - 42 Obeyed the Gospel -- They Just Keep Coming

This campaign is moving so fast that it is hard to keep up.  So hard to keep up that I should have known not to plug into the website last night that we had 27 baptisms because that number was only correct for about an hour.  At 11:00 p.m. there was a knock on the door announcing another baptism.  Sure enough a sweet soul came as soon as she got off work and was baptized like she promised she would do.  Now that’s conviction.

We have a great story to tell of a door knocked and behind it were two sisters.  One was pregnant and they made the decision to be baptized yesterday.  During the course of the study one of the sisters said her husband was incarcerated and wanted them to share the gospel with him also.  They went yesterday evening and shared the gospel on the other side of the window and showed him the scriptures by holding the bible up to the glass so he could see for himself.  He said he wanted to obey and the authorities scheduled a time for the baptism.  They already had a portable baptistery and were very supportive.  Please check all the pictures and you will see him, his wife and his baptism.  There are so many stories and I won’t be able to tell all of them.  I can tell you one thing though.  We have been going into these neighborhoods and those we are studying with are actually sending us to other homes in these neighborhoods.  We are not even delivering food to all these homes.  These beautiful souls want to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ that saves.  It is so wonderful that almost all of us know we will not be able to finish the maps that Chuck Thompson has given us.  We’re just so busy with bible studies.  It is a fantastic and overwhelming problem.  The Lord is working through all of us and we will continue to go where He sends us.

I have to tell you something.  I had just plugged in that we had 33 baptisms when I was called to the auditorium because we were having another 8 baptisms, 7 of which were from one family.  (By the way, all of these 7 come from the same family as Dot, Mae Bell, and Ruby.  How about that?  That’s kind of like Lydia and her household.  I believe that’s scriptural.) After they were all baptized Larry tried to continue his sermon on the “Gospel that Saves” and another came up from the audience to be baptized.  She had been here for the past 3 nights trying to make a decision.  Sure enough she is now our sister also. 

A surprise is an unwanted occurrence.  Are we surprised about the 42 baptisms?  Rick Kelley said today that we might be reacting to the WOW factor of God, but not surprised.  He said it has been a joy to watch these souls be raised from the dead.  He continued to say that the most exciting single thing any of us can do in life is preach the gospel.  God can and will supply what is needed. 


Nov 6, 2006 - 27 Have Obeyed the Gospel
Hey There Brothers and Sisters.  This afternoon we had one baptism after another.  They include two sisters and a couple who have just celebrated their 59th anniversary.  I don't know all the stories but will update you tomorrow after they are all told. 

By the way, please take the time to click on all the pictures that tell the story of the Lord's work at Grace Street church of Christ.

Nov 6, 2006 - 19 Have Obeyed the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Crockett, Texas

OK, I know, I know I haven’t written in a few days.  But hey, we’ve all been very busy.  19, can you believe it?  It’s only been a few days and 19 souls have obeyed.  God is Great!!

So here are a few of the stories.  After the last writing there were 9 and then just a few minutes later a couple of more came to the water.  Billie Preston had a team that went to some apartments and found Shelle Vickers.  Shelle is a sociology major with a lot of past religious experiences.  After studying in the hallway of the apartment complex, she decided to leave all her past on the cross.  She counted the cost and came to the Lord.  And then Reggie Gardner’s team found Christie Wooten at another apartment complex.  She asked them in to share their story and after several interruptions from her boyfriend, she came right back on track and they were able to continue the presentation.  She said, “I understand this!”  She was very emotional and said that her Momma taught her right and her grandmother always said you need to be in church.  Then she said, “I took the day off of work and you showed up!”  Christie is now in the Lord. 

Michael Moore and the Blankenships did a study with Wendy Bibbs after someone referred her as someone in need.  They brought her some food and found out other things that she needed since she is a single mother with 3 children and one on the way.  She was very alone and isn’t alone anymore since she now is a part of the Lord’s family after she obeyed the gospel.  Everyone in the church showed her a lot of love and kindness along with helping her with her children.  Then there is Morgan Mask and Jillian Garner.  Both of these sweet young ladies were in the prayers during the Monday evening prayer session.  Then Dewayne Smith presented the gospel in the Wednesday evening teen class.  That night Dot talked to both the girls and they scheduled a study for Saturday.  After studying the gospel one on one, they both decided to put on their Lord in baptism.  After their baptism, Lindsey McKay (Jillian’s cousin) decided she wanted to be baptized so she and Dot studied along with Debbie Bruner and Debbie Elrod.  She now knows the gospel but wanted to talk to her dad and wanted to wait until her mother was off work.  Later that evening she was baptized by her grandfather, Joe McKay.  Grandpa Joe was so happy to baptize his granddaughter. 

Brothers and Sisters, we just want you all to know that 11 of these new babes in Christ were in attendance Sunday morning.  And several of them brought others with them.  Isn’t that great?  What a blessing God has given this church.

But the story doesn’t end there.  After Lindsey’s baptism, Heather Standley came to Dot and said she wanted to be baptized.  So they scheduled a study after potluck on Sunday morning.  Christy Gragg along with Heather’s stepmother, Lynn Standley, joined them.  During the interview, Heather told them that she was baptized in another denomination at 12 years old.  She is now 17 so that wasn’t very long ago.  She was raised in this denomination and had to sort out the difference in the churches.  She was taught the gospel, found out how to come in contact with the blood, saw the difference and then had to count the cost.  Heather struggled on counting the cost knowing she will have a pull from some in her family.  At one time she began trembling and said “I’m afraid I’m going to make the decision not to do this.”  She certainly had an honest heart, didn’t she?  After struggling, she decided to follow God and not man.  We’re really proud of Heather on her decision.

Now we go back to Dot Johnson’s family.  Dot’s daughter, KreAzmine Johnson, decided she wanted to be baptized because her mom, Dot, and her grandmother, Sarah, were baptized.  Well of course that’s not a reason to be baptized so Bebie Jones, Kathy Hendricks, and Debbie Bruner took her in a room to study with her.  She is now a sister to her mother and grandmother.  And she’s just as cute as a button.

Marlon Jones spent the weekend at Sarah’s house and Sunday morning she asked him if he wanted to come to church with her.  Well, he certainly had no idea how this day would end.  He heard the message.  He heard the gospel.  Mario Brinkley talked to him along with Tommy Key and later Rick Kelley baptized him into Christ all because he said he would go to church with Sarah. 

Immediately after Larry’s sermon Sunday evening, Taylor Cloud, 17, found Rick Kelley and said she needed to talk.  You see, she was ready to run away from home.  After a long period of time, Taylor made the decision that she wanted to put her Lord on in baptism and there was no changing her mind.  She and her mother are very close and you could see how close last night.

Nov 4, 2006 - 4 More Obeyed the Gospel Yesterday -- 9 New Christians in Crockett, TX

Yesterday was a busy day and we are far from done.  Remember Dot Johnson?  She was in Bill Oden’s training class Thursday evening and asked Bill and Ruby to talk to her sister (whose name is Ruby).  Yesterday they went with Dot and her sister was reluctant at first but then opened up, told her story, listened to the Gospel illustrated and came into to put her Lord on in baptism.  So as of this morning 3 sisters have come to know the Lord.  There are 14 in this family and Dot isn’t done yet.  Talk about being on fire for the Lord. 

Billie Preston took out a team that met Fallon.  She has a contagious personality and is looking for a family.  Her husband is a truck driver which means she’s home alone a good amount of time each year.  And she just knew she needed to change her life.  So she was asked to join us for dinner last night.  She walked by Ruby who is a friend and asked, “Are you a member of this congregation?”  Ruby’s response was, “The Lord just added me to His church 15 minutes ago.” What a fantastic answer.  Fallon was studied with and put on the Lord with baptism.  

Felicia requested food on the local radio program from Grace Street.  Reggie took out a team to her house and after while interviewing her found that she was baptized in the church of Christ when she was 14.  However, she couldn’t recall anything about her baptism.  Once she realized what baptism does she decided she needed to do it right.  Her son is 19 years old and attended the baptism.  He sat in on the After Care study and didn’t participate at first but halfway through the study he was turning the pages in the bible and nodding his head.  His heart is thinking, isn’t it?

There are so many stories and this morning more stories will be told.  Please stay tuned to this website and find out what happens next.  I Can’t Wait!!!

Nov 2, 2006 - 5 Hours of Study Brings One More Soul to the Lord

Bill and Jo Redding, along with Beverly Kelley, began studying with Shiranda Hicks before lunch today.  They brought her to lunch where she met a few members of the Grace Street

congregation, along with cadre members, and then continued their study.  Shiranda, like many of us, had a lot in her life to face and to change.  After 5 hours of studying, she decided to live her life the way the Lord wishes and obeyed the gospel.  Another soul is taken from Satan.  Another soul chooses the Lord.  5 new Christians are now in Crockett, Texas.  Praise God!!!

The Grace Street church of Christ sends out literature called “House to House, Heart to Heart” to the entire community of Crockett, TX.  Many doors that we knocked recognized the church due to the(as they say) excellent messages in the literature.  The church is also known in the community for supplying food to those who come to the building in need.  The church consists of a chiropractor, a dentist, town councilmen, and even the mayor.  They have a great reputation in this community which is always a plus when we try to show that we care.  Pray for this church as they reach out to this wonderful community.

Tonight we begin the “Soul Winning Basics” which consists of training those who want to know how to approach people.  We know that the Lord’s business is "people".  We know the Lord wants everyone to come to Him and be with Him--just like Adam and Eve before Satan showed his ugly face.  We know our job is to preach the gospel but sometimes we just don’t know how to start the conversation.  Tonight we are showing these sweet Christians how to start the conversation which will lead to preaching the gospel. 

Nov 1, 2006 - 4 Souls Came to the Lord on Monday

As members of the We Care cadre slowly arrive in the big city of Crockett, Texas work is needed to be done to prepare for the coming campaign.  Whether it is preparing the parking lot for the other RVs coming, or driving around the town to check out the neighborhoods for assignments, or setting up the War Room for the campaign, or checking and double checking the Most Wanted List, or getting ready for the Soul Winning Basic class, or preparing for the After Care class and work, we find ourselves with lots to do until the campaign begins.  In addition we find ourselves involved in bible studies and that is what happened during lunch on Monday. 

Four people came in Monday around lunch time and since the cadre already there had prepared a meal we just invited these four to join us.  As we were sitting with them, we asked the question, did the interview and began two studies with three of the four.  As one of the studies began three more came in and sat in on one of the studies.  One of the cadre members took the three to the side, asked the question, and began a study with two out of the three.  This means that three studies were held at the same time during that one sitting.  As these studies were continuing one could hear the excitement as these five souls were hearing and seeing things for the first time. 

The result:  Four were baptized.  One backed down.  At least three more in the works who are loved ones in these families.  The Lord is Great!!That night we had our prayer session out on the church parking lot.  This congregation has a lot of love and care for there community and through their prayers we learned just how much they care.  They not only pray for Crockett, Texas but they prayed vehemently for Houston County.  This is a praying congregation and we all know there is a whole lot of power in prayer.

In the meantime, studies are continuing and the campaign has not officially begun.  This is a great start for this God fearing and God loving congregation. 

Lord, our prayer is to be with you during this campaign.