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Audio Bill Oden Introduction Aftercare

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Hello, my name is Bill Oden. Thank you for inquiring about the AfterCare process we try to encourage our brothers and sisters to use in our campaigns with We Care Ministries. We are encouraged by your interest in what we do to help our Lords kingdom grow. Our desire is to keep all our new babes in Christ all the way to heaven.
This is where it all starts. The Cross! The new Christian has taken his or her sins to the crucified Savior. God cleans up that soul ,puts His Holy Spirit in them and makes them part of the His family, the Church. These new christians have come from the world and all walks of life. They come into the family with their own beliefs, attitudes, experiences and opinions. Our responsibility to them as brothers and sisters is to help them learn what Christianity is all about.
AfterCare is the beginning of evangelism.The process of building relationships takes time, effort, money, patience, understanding and commitment. Just as you are committed to taking care of the new born baby that is brought home, so must we be committed to the care and growth of the new christian from the moment he or she comes up out of the water. Many have never had Family. For some, to be loved has not been part of their life. They come from broken or dysfunctional families. When God entrust a new babe to his Family He expects the family to become its spiritual parent furnishing the emotional, physical and spiritual needs we all have.

The road of life is uncertain. For these new Christians knowing what to do, where to go and how to live has to be furnished by God's family. When God gives additions to His family He places on the Family the responsibility of caring for them, maturing them and keeping them all the way to heaven.


Best of Friends. What would we do with out our friends who care about our well being? When one obeys the Gospel and puts on the Lord in baptism our work begins. They have been added to God's Family and we must treat them in the way that pleases God our Father. We must build a relationship with each new christian that lets them know we care and we are here for them and we will be their friend, family and caregiver. God tell us to be there for one another in all walks of life. What benefits to our lives and what joy we receive when we let His will become ours