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Churches with 75 or more members
12 Day Campaign (Churches with 75 or more members)
We Care Ministries offers a campaign that runs 12 days and involves gospel preaching, door knocking, classroom training in the We Care Approach and the presenting of Gospel of Jesus to lost people. Thirty-five to 100 outside campaigners come in to train the local members to reach their friends and neighbors. And they do it by going out with them into the field. This is often overwhelming to smaller churches that cannot afford to feed, house and participate in the various committees that help make to full We Care Campaign a success.

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25 to 75 members
Small Church Campaign
We now offer We Care Small Church Campaigns (SCC). These are designed for churches with 25 to 75 members. The SCC involves fewer outside workers and one or two of the full time staff workers to come and train members over a shorter span of time. These campaigns begin Friday evening with lessons designed to motivate the members to participate in the door knocking effort or to take our outside trained workers (Cadre) to their friends and family members. This program is available to Spanish speaking churches as well.

Just a note from the We Care Ministries Director

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