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Gospel Comic Book! Chain Reference Bible!
Great to teach the Gospel one on one!


Hand this Gospel Comic Book presentation to the lost and it will teach them the Gospel and how on obeys it.  This tool has aided in bringing many lost souls to Christ. Avail in English & Spanish

  New Testament New King James This Chain Reference Bible is a page by page biblical outline of the plan of salvation.  It starts by asking "The Question" and leads the reader through the plan of salvation.  Great for the lost and to polish your approach.


Brothers,  we have finally negotiated with Star Bible a price break of the New Testaments purchased by churches in larger quantities.  YEA!

“Check Book” New Testaments are $6.75 each, when a case is purchased (60 per case), $6.07 each thereafter.  WCM suggests an initial buy of 7 boxes (4 for small campaigns).  Estimated cost: $2,549.00 (Purchasing in larger quantities? order Peggy West lwest@wfr.org)


Step Into The Water! (DVD) What If The Lord Were To Come Right Now? (DVD)
Vew First: What If The Lord Were To Come Right Now? Is baptism essential? This is a question asked by many sincere seekers.  In this presentation, Larry West shows from the Bible elements of saving faith,  how faith & baptism blend.  Many of the common questions on this subject are answered.   Four Lessons Available In Spanish Also! This 3rd edition series has been redone for today's generation. The Ties are off and the Gospel is in as Larry West explains the fundamentals of Christianity and shows a sincere person how to become a Christian. Avail in English four lessons, Spanish,& Sign Language.
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Come Home Christian! (DVD) LET's Get Real ! (DVD)
Out Of Duty Christians Antidote This presentation is designed to hand to the lost and wayward Christian to urge them to come back to Christ and the church.   Preview includes 1 of 4 lessons 2 English Spanish What If The Lord Were To Come Right Now? Let's Get Real! This presentation can be showed to a new convert, or used as a tool for teaching the Gospel to the lost.  It includes three parts including a 38 minute gospel presentation, the We Care Training Seminar and Become a Part, an introduction to We Care Ministries and our work.
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Free Spanish Materials Download

Preview includes 1 of 4 lessons 2 English Spanish      
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The hart of Larry West     Great to teach the Gospel one on one!  
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