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Do We Care Campaigns change people’s lives?



Our congregation in Cordell, Oklahoma, decided to have a "We Care" campaign to help us learn to spread God's word.  I came to the training which we had about six months before the actual campaign.  I set in the pew and listened, thinking maybe this will work, but I had my doubts. 




As the campaign started, I still had my doubts, but I decided to participate, so I took the team which I was on, to visit a lady I knew.  I had put her on my “Ten Most Wanted” list.  When she saw us coming, we didn't even have to go to the door.  She met us outside on her street in front of her house and studied with us there! 


She told us that last Sunday she had prayed that God would send someone to her.  When we finished the study she was ready to be baptized.  We took her to the building immediately and baptized her.  We have a new sister in Christ.


My doubt and skepticism was taken out of my life!  God does provide!


Matt. 19:26 - With God All Things Are Possible!


When we take our eyes off Jesus, the doubt and fears take over!


Ron McKee
Cordell, Oklahoma