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We Care “Sightings”


We Care Ministries

          We Care  ” Working for the Lord”

Red River, New MexicoWhile Ruby Oden of our Cadre is giving our We Care approach at the front of the booth at this biker’s rally …


… I stepped to the rear and began sharing the Gospel with bikers there (I’m standing there with my back to the camera). These tattooed guys were very responsive and kind. There were just so many! We’ve got names for follow through.

Eagle Nest, New MexicoWe preached at the Eagle Nest congregation, spent time with leaders, and are setting up a We Care Campaign next year with them for that and the Angle Fire areas!



Abilene, Texas At the Hillcrest congregation in Abilene we gathered up and claimed God’s power to evangelize. Abilene is a great challenge! Hillcrest is a sweet church needing more heightened focus on local evangelism. I pray we helped there. I’m grateful for the
chance to help.
AbileneWe did our best to stir up the Hillcrest church in Abilene unto greater local evangelism ending our We Care Seminar there. Pray God do with our energy what we invested.
HE is our power!
Monroe, LouisianaReggie Gardner (Cadre) is on the road with us nearly all the time. Here he was in Monroe and attended church with my mother. While teaching someone our approach, they ended up finding out Jerry was not a Christian. But he is now.
Here are pic's of Yashika who I took to the water a few months ago and her mother Brenda who obeyed last night.

MonroeThen, that experience opened up the door for him to teach several others Robert Bernard and Frankie in the We Care approach, all from different congregations in town! Hey, that’s the WAY it’s supposed to happen!


Please check out our website for up to date information on the latest Seminars and Campaigns as well as the future happenings and plans for

We Care Ministries:




Waterbury, Connecticut- 
Here are only some of the 95 Cadre workers from 19 states (including California, Florida & Alaska) who came to work to win the 32 new souls in the campaign. One even came from Trinidad in the Caribbean

Waterbury And here is the fruit. Here are only some of the 32 new souls and the one restored, giving VICTORY to our efforts with the wonderful church in Waterbury! Thank YOU and thank You, LORD, for partnering with your servants here.

Waterbury And HERE’S why all the work and prayers!

A sinner is SAVED!

On the road again - It’s a common scene. We arrive, set up, train local saints in our approach, join hands, hit the streets, win souls, train to keep them, praise God for the wonderful fruit, then tear down as you see here, only to hit the road again to the next site and start over. Here we’re tearing down in Connecticut, to rush to Aberdeen, Maryland, to conduct a training seminar, then to lay tracks to Oklahoma to begin another campaign. Thank YOU for sending us! It’s a wonderful life for the Lord! I love you dearly!

Aberdeen, Maryland We stopped at Aberdeen and conducted the Seminar for the church there. At the end we kneeled and prayed God help us focus passionately on winning the lost! Pray they lock in a future campaign.

Cordell, Oklahoma – Now we begin our campaign in Oklahoma. Here we met at the courthouse, city square, to claim in prayer the county for Christ as we begin this spiritual invasion. We are just starting here.



Lexington, Virginia- 
Here’s a symbolic pose. Could you say we’re knocking on dead men’s doors???? (This tomb is next to Stonewall Jackson’s tomb just three blocks from the church building in Lexington.)

Lancaster, Ohio Another precious group hug. Sometimes pictures can tell only a part of the heart. Here’s a church recently wounded but in the process of refocusing on the mission! We were told our Seminar was perfect timing! Thank you, Lord! Sweet tears. The Spirit is alive here in God’s people! Pray we can secure a future campaign here too!

Sevierville, Tennessee Here Jean Law is crawling down and into the river at the RV Park to obey the Gospel. I mentioned her in my letter. Jean works in the park office. And we mentored her several days on our way to our next campaign in Connecticut! She is thrilled to tears! She knew she needed God’s forgiveness desperately!

Dale Hollow Dam, Tennessee  –  HERE’s where it all STARTED! Thirty-one years ago on this spot we threw up a large tent. It was so cold people brought their blankets and covered up like they were at a football game. We had one light, a lantern hanging at the pulpit. Oh boy, have we learned so much better how to do it! Thank you, Lord, for all these wonderful years and much fruit! Thank YOU for helping me and us so faithfully! ALL to the glory of GOD! This was the first time Peggy and I have been back.

Chattanooga, Tennessee Pray we can successfully secure a campaign here at the East Brainard congregation in Chattanooga! One of the elders used our approach here during the Seminar to win a soul (I mentioned in my letter). Praise God!

Celina, Tennessee – I just love these group-hug pictures that I send to you from all over the country! Here in Celina, at the end of the Saturday session of our Evangelism Seminar we “clumped” up and prayed for renewed fervor for souls! Sometimes brothers pray in tears!


Please continue to check our website for Campaign results and future Seminars and Campaigns.

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