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Evangelism Clinic

Classroom and Laboratory training



The “We Care Clinic” lasts a few days.  First, we train students in a classroom setting in the organized, trainable and well-orchestrated “We Care Approach”; then, we demonstrate it for them as they watch it in action.


Next, guided by our facilitators, it’s into small groups for students to role play it themselves.

Then, we send them to “lab.”  In a safe environment we send them to act it out up & down the halls of the church building, knocking doors, where our facilitators play lost persons “at home.” Each new team leader will confront with the
We Care approach.

Then, it’s back to the tables to discuss the experience in fuller detail.  Our trained facilitators coach well.   We discuss how the new leaders stayed on course or not and how to get back on our “Salvation Highway Flow Chart.”  


Repetition breeds familiarity, familiarity produces confidence, confidence gives birth to action.  Students can hardly wait to put it to work! 


That is, it is actual “hitting the streets.”  It’s straight to “friends, relatives or strangers” (Who else is there?) to

“Ask the Question.”


“You will not convert until you confront!”  Strongly confident new soul winners confront neighbors everywhere.  Plan your work and work your plan!


And it works!  Even the first day in the field, newly trained soul winners find, teach the Gospel and win!  These pictures depict actual events of our Clinic!


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