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Does door-knocking work?


By Larry West


The answer most give today is, “No!  Not today!  Door knocking doesn’t work!”

And usually that answer comes from those who’ve never tried it!  Or if they did, they did it all wrong!

Wrong?  Yes, wrong!


Actually, you get what you go after!  And those who go to the door to give away first-lessons of a Bible Correspondence Course, can do it.  And they often come back excited so many took them. They may give away hundreds.  But when they get ready to buy the second lessons to return to the student, they just don’t need many.  Why?  It’s because people will take anything you hand them … just to be hospitable.  Then, those who go to the door to simply invite people to a “Gospel Meeting” or “Campaign,” are also nice.  They may even “promise” to come.  But few do.  And you get what you go after!


But!  When you go to the door to win a soul, you also get what you go after! 


At least, you get more of it!  That’s exactly what we have discovered with We Care Ministries!


We feed the numbers into the computer and here’s what we have gotten in the last, say, 20 years.


We are finding:

(1)   One out of every three doors someone is home.

(2)   Of those who are at home, we are able to present the Gospel to one out of every four to five.

(3)   Of those who hear the Gospel of Jesus, we are baptizing one out of every three to four.  (We have even baptized one out of every two!)

(4)   Then, those churches who use our “AfterCare” materials and urgings are keeping 40-50%


There are several ingredients that make this happen:


(1)   We have a kind approach at the door.  “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

(2)   We confront kindly!  “What if the Lord were to come right now?  Would you know, for sure, you would go to Heaven?”  (You will NOT convert until you CONFRONT!)

(3)   We earn the right to be heard by listening to their story.

(4)   We present the Gospel of JESUS, His death, burial and resurrection right then and there!  (His death removes our sin problem; his resurrection removes our grave problem: the only two things that keep us out of Heaven!”

(5)   We present the biblical response then!

(6)   We are happy, friendly, even show Godly affection.

(7)   We give emotional support, physical support, spiritual support!


And we get what we go after!