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Hello everybody :
For those of you following the ministry on the Spanish side we come now to the yearly youth rally July 18-22 taking place in Tijuana Baja California.  Even though it isn't a We Care event per say I was asked to speak three times on the rally theme which was centered mainly on the internet. I had the agreed leniency to concentrate my exposition on personal evangelism on the internet. By the way I was also asked to speak in Chihuahua, Chihuahua in 2009.
I was also able to hold nightly sessions and sharing the gospel  with youth that had not obeyed the gospel.
The results were one young lady obeyed during my presentation on Friday, and another young man obeyed at two in the morning when he knocked on my door at eleven and had some questions,  when we finished we agreed on the urgency of the gospel and we woke up some very tired people who joyfully welcomed our new brother in Christ.( I was in the baptistery so pictures are still coming).
Mainly I believe this was a stepping stone to other events that will pan out because of the interest generated here, city of Chihuahua state of  Chihuahua, Juarez kilometer 18 congregation, and Montebello congregation in example.


These are the names of those baptized.
1.- Reyna Bringas.
2.- Perla Bringas-
3.- Mario Gomez
4.- Alejandro Hernandez (wily)
5.- Pablo Ortega
6- Irvin Trejo
7.-boy from Mazatlan
8.- boy from Arizona
9.- A boy from the first day.


Bro. Marco Señoret

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