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Three Thousand Obey in Six Years!


Wonderfull !!

Mar 26, 2005 - During the past 12 months We Care Ministries (WCM) conducted 19 campaigns (English and Spanish), including one in Mexico, where 16 were converted in one week. That meant, on the average when one campaign closed another began every two weeks later.

The numbers
We can count 510 names of people who were baptized into Jesus’ death during the year in our campaigns and seminars. This does not count additional reports coming to us of contacts responding at the same churches after our campaigns closed, nor does it count those coming to Christ after our workers returned home to use the WCM approach on prospects there, nor does it count those resulting from WCM materials now widely used in other places (example: During the last 12 months Bill and Ruby Oden used the WCM “Comic Book” presentation of the Gospel; they report presenting it to 65 people and of those 61 were baptized.) The campaign average for each of the past several years is 500; nearly 3000 have been baptized into Christ in this country during the last six years. We have seen churches double and triple in size. In Texas, we know of one who viewed the WCM web site, studied the Gospel presentation there, moved to another city, attended a local Church of Christ there and obeyed the Gospel. Another convert and his wife found two years ago and Three thousand obey in six years won to Christ fi nished his training in a school of  preaching this year and have begun their full-time work in a congregation; another is fi nishing up his fi rst year in such a school, looking to begin his preaching career next year.The missionary journeys
This year we spent a lot of time “way out west.” Then we went back east. We crossed the continent three-and-one-half times. To name only some places, we began the year at Simi Valley, California, baptizing two dozen into Christ; during the year there older Christians stepped up to the leaders and said, “Okay, now I’m a believer. I’m ready to go to work for the Lord.” Within a few weeks we ended up exactly across the country on the east coast in Williamsburg, Virginia, rescuing another 35; that number has now reached 50. “One of our new sisters has brought three others to Christ since she obeyed the gospel during the campaign,” reports Bill Butterfi eld, preacher there. He says, “The fever pitch for reaching out has been maintained and we will begin anew training folk with the We Care method in January, 05.” From there we ended up in Houston, Texas, winning 30 to Christ; the Spanish congregation since is baptizing so many that the Anglos are moving their time of services so that the Spanish can occupy the auditorium. Next, it was back “out west.” We journeyed to the Canadian border, to Columbia Falls, Montana, baptizing 22, then to Gillette, Wyoming, winning 24, then across, back east, to Shillington, Pennsylvania, rescuing 20 more; at Shillington, they have since lost only three back to the world but have baptized another six into Christ. Others on the WCM staff and team traveled to other places of the US and into Mexico.The stats
During the year we were finding our workers teaching the Gospel to one out of every five people they approached, and of those, we were baptizing one out of every four. Keeping the saved
WCM’s “AfterCare” program, designed to leave churches better prepared to keep and nurture the new Christians all the way to Heaven, is improving. One of the greatest joys of the year occurred in Paris, Texas; on “Victory Sunday” morning it was the adoptive mentoring older Christians who actually introduced the 70 new Christians reached there. They stood with arms around the new brothers and sisters, oft holding in their arms their babies, oyfully presenting to the church our own new “babies” born of water and the Spirit. And their terms during their introductions tattled on their bonding already established. In the last campaign of the year, inNeosho, Missouri, whenever a WeCare team converted someone in the community, they telephoned the building or the local AfterCare Coordinator. Giving him some information like age, if there were children, etc, he, then, immediately called a local brother or sister assigned to adopt the new babe, and if that Person was not already on another team winning a soul himself, he or she “dropped everything” and drove to the building to meet the one coming to obey. Often that older Christian was the one waiting in the dressing room to help. The BONDING began immediately. Then, promptly after the new birth occurred and the “welcome circle” ended, each time the mentor would take the new Christian to a room in the building and present WCM’s “Post-natal lesson” to him or her, designed to lock that new babe into the church. In the process, they were adopting each other in the family of God. Beyond the numbers
How do you measure success beyond the numbers? How do you measure lives changed? Church unity achieved? Congregations’ reputations enhanced in the community or, in some cases, changed completely? Success goes far beyond the numbers. Needed: One “spirit-odometer.”

We want YOU!
As you read these pages and see where we went and the souls that were won, realize we want you to go with us. WCM fulfi lls not only Christians’ joy of seeing the country together, but fulfi lls their God-given duty of  winning souls! “People think we are sacrifi cing so much by traveling and working all the time,” says Karen Smith, WCM Cadre member with her husband, Dewayne. “Sure, we do!” she says with tonguein cheek. “We who spend our liveson the road living in this incredible We Care Christian community love each other often more than we do our own physical family members, winning souls to our Jesus!” Why don’t you join our WCM “mobile ministry” of (1) winning souls, (2) training soul winners, and (3) edifying churches all across this nation. We want YOU with us! And why not call on We Care Ministries to help your congregation grow. We stand waiting for
your invitation. Visit our web site for materials and schedule: www.wecareministries.com