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Peggy Spoonts West sent a message to the members of We Care Ministries.
Peggy Spoonts WestMarch 24, 2011 at 5:56pm
Subject: Cadre News using the web!
Hey, Gang! I wanted to forward this news to you from one of our beloved cadre members--it works everywhere--this is awesome :)

Greetings from Texas to all the wonderful people who are a part of the We Care Cadre,

Peggy West has been following some of my posts in Facebook concerning those learning about and obeying the Gospel after studying with me and others in a computer chat room in the Paltalk network ( http://www.facebook.com/l/a6ae9of5zL-1EJX6uNPbBrZICvA/www.paltalk.com). The room is called "the Wonderful Gospel that Saves" She asked me to share with you some of what has been going on. This year since January 1 we have taught and baptized 18. We simply show them the Gospel and ask them to think. These 18 have said yes they need to be baptized so we use http://www.facebook.com/l/a6ae92IA4X8ApFSxVaEysTEByww/www.churchzip.com to locate a church nearby. We also utilize the We Care videos to help them better understand God's will. One lady, Jill has watched them at least 50 times since she got baptized.

Let me share with you a few stories. A lady named Jil came into the room about midnight and I asked her if she had been saved and how. She indicated she had asked Jesus into her heart and so I asked if I could share some scriptures with her. By the time we got to Romans 6 she was so convinced she could not wait to get into the water and called a church the next morning and was baptized at 4pm that same day.

There was another couple in Kentucky that we studied with who were baptized that weekend and were married 2 days later.

There was John in California who had been in a very serious motocross accident and was confined to his house while he recovered. He began to study and after a few weeks called the preacher in SanFrancisco to come and baptize him in his bathtub.

Just last Wednesday night a 26 year old man came into our room and told us he had just been "saved" and so we studied with him. He too saw the difference and could not wait to be baptized. His job is delivering papers and he does it by walking or riding a bike when the weather allows. Last Thursday morning a truck lost control and came within inches of running over and killing him. That impressed on him even more how important it was for him to "step into the water" The closest church was 30 miles away but he did finally get a ride and was baptized Sunday afternoon at about 1:30pm.

It has been amazing how God has led people to the room. There are several more who are trying to arrange baptism. Two in Canada and one in Michigan and others are still counting the cost. God has blessed me with the opportunity to be retired and spend time teaching others. I am eager each night to see what he has planned that night. Please pray for these 18 and the room's success. Hope to see you in South Texas in October.

Love You All

Robert Wagnon


March 3, 2011

Does door knocking work?

By Larry West

A We Care team knocked a door in a We Care Campaign in Alvin, Texas, just south of Houston that led to the beginning of the church in Kondele, Kisumu, Kenya. 



Full Story


July 19, 2010

His own approach

By Larry West

There is one group among Churches of Christ that tell us it takes them 22 “confrontings” before someone will listen. So, that’s one out of 22.  


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April 15, 2009
“But I can’t tell anybody!”

By Larry West

“The church in America is shrinking.

“The number of men, women and children in the pews has dipped to the lowest level since a comprehensive effort to count members began in 1980, according to the 2009 edition of Churches of Christ in the United States.

Full Story


April 9, 2007
Soul won in route to next campaign - usual and exciting sight!
By Larry West

Aberdeen, Maryland - Larry and Peggy West stopped by Aberdeen, Maryland, where Larry presented the We Care Evangelism Seminar.  At the end of Saturday, Christians kneeled before the Throne, asking God to empower them for our SAR (Search And Rescue) Mission for souls.  What beautiful hearts they are in this congregation of God's people.Full Story



February 9, 2007


What’s the difference?

By Larry West

Our churches send members out on what we name, “mission trips.”  Concerned Christians go on “Medical Missions” to Mexico, to Central America, to Africa, to other parts of the world.  We go on “Youth Missions” to Europe, to Canada, to random parts of the United States.  Full Story


July 3, 2008 The Mexico Medical MissionThe Mexico Medical Mission is the by-product of the 1989 relief effort to help earthquake victims of Mexico City. This work was overseen  by the elders of the Bridge Avenue congregation in Weslaco, Texas.... Full Story
-Gordon Dasher

November 6, 2007

Should "WE CARE" for people where we are?

Here is a candid shot of what is normal in our We Care Ministries Campaign work. Full Story

- Larry West

July 12, 2006

Trevis Bonnett joins WCM staffTrevis Bonnett has just joined the WCM staff, emphasizing marketing with the ministry.  That is, his emphasis will be to market the... Full Story
- Larry West

June 4, 2006 Great Work in the Spanish Ministry with Marco Senoret

The Spanish side of the We Care Ministries is “not cruising but serving”.Full Story
- Larry West


November 7, 2005

Is WCM truly successful in helping churches grow?

The following article was... Full Story
- Larry West

September 7, 2005 Dancing to the Suicide SongDon’t you remember?   We came to dance the Suicide Song.

 “The warriors were running around getting ready.”  That’s what Flore... Full Story
- Larry West

July 6, 2005

It’s inherent: Urgent news demands telling!Steven Prine, one of our WCM Cadre members, tells a story that, I believe, capsules all the reasoning why we should hustle to take t... Full Story
- Larry West

June 20, 2005 Preaching the Gospel in the streets!“The only reason this church is not growing is because you’re not preaching the Gospel in the streets!”

That’s what we heard a... Full Story
- Larry West

June 10, 2005

Leave no soul behind! “Let’s get real!”Evangelism help for very small, small, medium, large and multiple churches working in concert
Eng... Full Story
- Larry West

April 11, 2005 Five Minute Radio BroadcastsLarry West began this soul-winning ministry in 1975 in West Monroe, Louisiana. Knocking... Full Story
- Larry West

March 26, 2005 Three Thousand Obey in Six Years!During the past 12 months We Care Ministries (WCM) conducted 19 campaigns (English and Spanish), including one in Mexico, where 16 w... Full Story
- Larry West

March 24, 2005
What will happen prior to a We Care CampaignStep I
Call the We Care office at (318) 397-2000 and schedule a week-end Seminar....
Full Story
- Larry West

March 24, 2005 Our success depends on you !!
Fuel prices, as you know, are rising dramatically!  Full Story
- Larry West

March 22, 2005
Trevis Bonnett has just joined the WCM staff, emphasizing marketing with the ministry.  That is, his emphasis will be to market the work to gather more workers.... Full Story
- Larry West

March 20, 2005 Reflections on a We Care Seminarby Tom Payne
 Minister of Evangelism, Madison Street church of Christ, C... Full Story
- Larry West