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One soul won in Spanish Abilene wekend door knoking effort.

August 10-12 2012 Brethren from at least 7 congregations met with the church that meets at 2010 Collins ave in Abilene Tx. This congregation currently doesn't have a preacher but Carlos from the Snider congregation is traveling to preach there twice a week, and he requested a weekend door knocking effort to encourage the body that meets here.

Brethren from Andrews, New Mexico, Pecos, Odessa, Midland, Snyder, San Angelo, and various Abilene Spanish congregations participated. We trained in the We Care method and managed to go out to knock doors three times. We were blessed with many Bible studies, follow ups and one young lady who obeyed the gospel.



Vanessa is Saved

July 20-21 2012 we had a We Care Seminar in San Angelo , and Marisa Viggers sister holding towel in the background who herself is a recent convert in the San Angelo congregation were Tomas Davila preaches had obeyed the gospel 2 weeks before, so Tomas his daughter and Marisa and her sister Vanessa came to Abilene to help in the door knocking effort and as a result Vanessa herd the Gospel several times as she took part in the bible studies as a silent partner, and Saturday afternoon Tomas asked me if I would share the gospel because Vanessa had some questions, and in the end decided she wanted to obey the gospel and follow Jesus.


Bro. Marco Señoret

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