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Upland Church of Christ

March 30 - April 10 Upland, California    
2011 English    





Villige MedowsChurch of Christ

  February 10 - 20, 2011. Sierra Vista AZ     
    Large Church Campaign    



Southwest Church of Christ

  January 27 Phoenix, AZ     
  Feburary 7 2010 English  
    Large Church Campaign    



Whitney Church of Christ

    Whitney, Texas     
  November 11-22 2009 English  
    Small Church Campaign    


    Red Bank Church of Christ    
  August 26, 2009 Chattanooga, TN    
  thru English  
  September 6 Large Church Campaign    


    Mesa Church of Christ    
  Jan 21 , 2009 Mesa Arizona    
  thru English  
  Feb 1 Large Church Campaign    


    East Brainerd Church of Christ    
  October 15, 2008 Chattanooga, TN    
  thru English  
  October 26 Large Church Campaign    


    Niceville Church Of Christ    
  Sept 16 , 2008 Niceville, FL    
  thru English  
  Sept 28 Small Campaign    


    Bellevue Church of Christ    
  July 30, 2008 Bellevue, NE     
  thru English  
  August 10 Large Church Campaign    


    Williamsburg Church of Christ    
  May 21, 2008 Williamsburg, VA    
  thru English  
  June 1 , 2008 Large Church Campaign    


    Abilene Church of Christ    
  April 16, 2008 Abilene, TX    
  thru English  
  April 27, 2008 Large Church Campaign    


    Port Charlotte Church of Christ    
  February 20, 2008 Port Charlotte, FL    
  thru English  
  March 2, Large Church Campaign    


4th And College Church of Christ
  Oct 31, 2007 Cordell, OK 580/832-3283 (ch) 580/832-2500 (h)    
  thru English    
  Nov 11 Small Campaign    


  Oct 3, 2007 Waterburry, CT    
  thru English    
  Oct 14 Large Church Campaign    


  May 30, 2007 Waynesboro, VA    
  thru English    
  Jun 10 Large Church Campaign    



May 3 2007


May 14

Hope Iglesia de Cristo Hope AR Spanish Small Church Campaign


Mar 21, 2007
Apr 1
Smithville Church of Christ
Smithville, TX
Small Campaign xPE

Feb 7, 2007
Feb 18
South Hillsboro Church of Christ
Ruskin, FL
Large Church Campaign wPE

Nov 1, 2006
Nov 12
Grace St Church of Christ
Crockett, TX
Large Church Campaign vPE

Sep 6, 2006
Sep 17
Church of Christ
Wichita, KS
Small Campaign uPE

Aug 2, 2006
Aug 14
Linder Rd Church of Christ
Meridian, ID
Large Church Campaign tPE