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Our success depends on you !!

Fuel prices alone challenge our need.

Mar 24, 2005 -
Fuel prices, as you know, are rising dramatically!  
Will you please help us stay on the road?
Send a donation either via credit card on this web site or to We Care Ministries, 3201 North 7th Street, West Monroe, LA 71291.  We have more than 20 campaigns scheduled this year alone in both the USA and Mexico.  We just must go!

Your donation is tax deductable!
For souls, we ask your help.  For the training of soul winners, we ask.  For the edifying of churches, we ask.
We are warmly grateful!

An invitation for you to travel with us!
One of the greatest joys of Christians working with We Care Ministries is their buying an RV (though not all with WCM have such vehicles) and spending their days seeing America. And they do it while traveling, working and playing with fellow Christians. This year alone workers wanting to see America have traveled from “out west” to “back east.” WCM fulfiills not only the joy of travel, but Christians’ Godgiven duty they know they have of winning souls … yes, still while being with other Christians! Do Christians traveling with We Care Ministries enjoy the life?  Ask Karen Smith.  She says, “People think we are sacrificing so much by traveling and working all the time,” says Karen, WCM Cadre member with her husband, Dewayne. “Sure, we do!” she says with tongue-in-cheek, while sitting by a campfiire next to a Colorado river. “We who spend our lives on the road living in this incredible We Care Christian community, loving each other often more than we do our own physical family members, seeing beautiful sights and winning souls to our Jesus, sure,” says Karen with a chuckle, “we are sacrificing so much!” We have seen over 3000 souls won to Christ in the last six years ... on site and during the campaigns.  Why don’t you, Christian, join the WCM “mobile ministry.” We have a three-fold goal, that of (1) winning souls, (2) training soul winners, and (3) edifying churches all across this nation. We want YOU with us!

Contact us "today!"