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Our latest We Care Campaign in Oaxaca, Mexico, was a GREAT success!

Oaxaca is just outside Mexico City, a city of about a million people.  We can find only about 200 there that make up the church, and that’s in four congregations.

 Anyway, we sent our Spanish Evangelist there, Marco Senoret, and a brother who has taken to our training like a duck to water, Brother Ricardo Alvarez from Parral, Chihuahua, who took a two-day  bus ride from Parral to Oaxaca.  Marco trained local Christians both in the classroom and on the streets. And what a story this is!  At the La Calsada congregation, all the congregations showed up for the first evening’s training, filling the building completely.  There are about 450 dialects spoken in only about a 10 square-mile area, but Spanish is the only common language.  Marco spent two solid, straight hours teaching both the We Care approach to people and the We Care Gospel Presentation, training the brethren to be better soul winners.  And then something astonishing happened!  A man, not a Christian, had come to the building asking for help to get back to his family in Bolivia.  He was in that part of the world trying to find work.  He was wearing a shirt that said, “I love the Lord!”  He came into the building with the rest  to hear Marco.  After the two hours of speaking, Marco then asked the audience if anyone were ready to go home.  “Do you have any questions?”  It was then that the man from Bolivia raised his hand and said, “I want to know more!”  So, Marco asked him to come forward.  He did.  And here is where Marco says, “God validated my message!”  For it was then that Marco was able to “demonstrate” our entire approach and Gospel Presentation!   Marco conducted a live interview with him, which is our “flow chart” approach.

 And the full audience sat and watched!!  In the interview Marco learned the man had prayed the “sinner’s prayer” two years ago, then his church taught him for three months, then baptized him as a process to join their church.  Well!  Marco, for the second time of the evening, presented the Gospel as everyone looked on!  Marco, afterwards, asked him, “Can anyone be saved outside the blood of Christ?”  And the man answered correctly, “No!”  Then, “when was the blood shed?”  Of course, in Jesus’ death.  “And when do we get into the death of Christ?”  “We are baptized into his death!”  “Would you like to be saved?” Marco asked him.  And he said, “YES!” Marco says the man has much integrity with the Word of God!  Yes, he does!  He obeyed the Gospel that night as the church cheered on! Yes, it is true:  God validated the message that night!  People learned!  Marco says people were saying they had never seen such teaching and demonstration!  Now, they are ready! And in fact, the next Wednesday night, when Marco and Ricardo were at another congregation doing more training, the preacher here having had studied more on this demonstration, went through it again with his congregation, and then baptized two more!  Aha!  Wow!

Oh, there’s more!  As Marco and Ricardo traveled to other congregations,

then, it was normal procedure that they trained in the mornings, hit the streets,

then met every evening for preaching.  Then, now underline this:  Because so many people were coming out from the neighborhoods to hear Marco, Marco and Ricardo, plus those brethren being trained, would stay late into the nights teaching more the Gospel of Christ.


The buildings would fill up, with standing room only, ALL THE WAY TO THE STREET OUT FRONT!  At one congregation, the police had to close off the street!

The 4th Church we worked with.

There's more!  The training we’ve been doing is in some places taking off like wildfire!  A week before this campaign, a brother named Jorge Membreno from the Las Cruz congregation in Monclova, Mexico, where Marco went last year, journeyed to Nicaragua for the express purpose of teaching the We Care Ministries method in small congregations around Managua, the capital,churches who had heard about it and wanted to know more.  He had already baptized 17 when he texted Marco.  

Marco says that from a “very far place” in Nicaragua he received an email from the evangelist in the city of Blue Fields.  It is a place where no cars can go.  To get there you must fly!  It is a multi-language city, containing at least six different ethnic groups.  That evangelist asked, “Would you be willing to provide a We Care Campaign or do a Seminar in this city?”  Marco wrote back, “Of course, we can!”  Marco knew he could send Jorge, who said he would go.  Jorge during this time had baptized 10 more, making it now 27 in just a few days.  So, instead of going back home to Monclova Jorge immediately flew to Blue Fields, where he trained them in the We Care method and began baptizing people there.  The local preacher then wrote Marco, saying, “God bless you, Marco!  The Church now can do this method in this small city, El Pericon.”  At last report, Jorage says he has baptized 35!  All that justin the last two weeks!  

And that’s the story of just one of our We Care evangelists.  Reggie Gardner says he sat with a neighbor and taught him the Gospel in Florida, the fellow drinking his beer while listening.  Since then, the new brother has taken Reggie to four of his friends, who have obeyed the Gospel as well!

Are we excited?  Oh, boy, are we excited!  And I pray this excites YOU too!