Two are saved in the Big Spring weekend door knocking effort

By Marco Señoret
November 5-7 was  not a run of the mill weekend for those who participated, Gustavo López (Evangelist Cherry Lane Iglesia de Cristo Midland TX) had arranged to go to Big Spring (40 miles east of midland) to take part in a We Care mini campaign to kick off re invigorating that go out and share our  story with current visitors and friends we call 10 most wanted, and with our 2 teams on Friday and 3 teams on Saturday we found ourselves knocking on doors.
We Started Friday morning with a great breakfast, followed by a one hour training session conducted by Antonio Tabón who has become proficient using the "Salvation Highway" flow chart, he also peppered some do and don'ts while presenting the gospel to the prospect. We all think Antonio has become proficient at this method because he took it upon himself to learn it and teach it in Hobbs. (Hobbs is where TiVo is the minister) Antonio covers for TiVo when has to travel consequently 2 were rescued, and he did this all by himself. All the while I have to be at cherry Lane because I'm the one that usually translates in our Bi lingual services. And in Clint, Tx 7 rescued near El Paso. I don't have pictures of Clint effort because I was in California in my daughter wedding. As you can see both Antonio and Gustavo have been spearheading evangelism in nearby churches that speak Spanish. Anyway Friday we had 4 studies with 7 people generated good contacts and one is seriously counting the cost.
Saturday 3 teams went off in 2 directions on the streets of Big Spring I had My wife Celia daughter Raquel and a local lady called Concepción we knocked seven doors and on the seventh door Jesús Barrera invited us in we preceded to interview him, his story was long and detailed, how he migrated to the US following a series of jobs in several fields finally ending before his retirement as foreman for air conditioning company in Chicago before finally retiring in Big Spring, starting in Querétaro old México with his wife trough several states in the us ending with 1 girl 3 boys all married w grandchildren at age 80 born in 1931 having stated he was always been Catholic and also all his family before him y started to think this was going nowhere slow, but then he explained his wife had had cancer and doctors had removed the majority of her stomach and was home but shortly she relapsed and her life was in the balance, we preceded to pray and then I shared the gospel with Jesús, he really could see what the Bible was saying and he became agreeable and obeyed the gospel with conviction, later he stated he believed we were sent by God, this was no coincidence.

Later that afternoon Ezequiel suggested we see a faithful visitor Yolanda Gómez she would be at home in the afternoon, her story is that she grew up in México Catholic but was never church going no not anyone in her family, and for the past four months was invited by a lady at church so she began attending and in fact attended every time the doors were opened, she loves the lord but had never had a salvation experience, Ezequel had studied with her off and on but she was reluctant to obey saying she needed time and more studies, when I presented the gospel to her she was ready to obey it and did. she also attended all the nightly campaign meetings and was there for bible class on Sunday!

The cherry lane  group picture is Antonio and his wife Emilda, Gustavo and his wife Lupita and daughter Rebecca, Marco Celia Raquel. Hna. Lupita Cuevas, Los hermanos Joe y Sally Gonzalez.




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