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The Mexico Medical Mission


The Mexico Medical Mission is the by-product of the 1989 relief effort to help earthquake victims of Mexico City. This work was overseen  by the elders of the Bridge Avenue congregation in Weslaco, Texas. Upon completing that relief work, the contributing congregations requested that the remaining funds be used for evangelistic and humanitarian work in Mexico. 

Research to determine the greatest need was conducted through meetings with both Mexican and U.S. church evangelists and leaders. It was decided that “free” medical and dental health services were desperately needed in remote villages or poor sections of Mexico where these services were not available or where people were too poor to afford them. Medical campaigns were scheduled at or near local churches that provided the support services needed. Local preachers and congregations are still very active in the campaigns today. 

Today this work continues with the help of many U.S. congregations and their team members. 



For more information on how to become part of this ministry, call 318-396-6000 ask for Robert Ables, Gordon Dasher, or Ben Adkins 


Thursday, July 3, 2008


Thanks, Evonne. I'm glad you're going too. And this time we'll all get to meet your other Tennessee fans, uh...friends. Just let any of them know I'll not hang my head in shame if they sing Rocky-Road-Top.

I know that we're supposed to be going to minister, but I can't help thinking that we get so much more out of it than the native Mexicans do. And one of the blessings of going is getting to know people that we would not otherwise have the privilege of knowing. Take me for example - isn't it worth going just to get to know me? Well, at least there's Robert and Doctor Don.

I'm hoping that we can find ways to expand our influence in that wonderful country. I know that other groups are having a tremendous impact in Mexico. And God bless them for that. I just wish I knew how we could emulate them. There are lots of lost folks there.

Pray for our trip. Gordon


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