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Meridian, ID

Please join us for this upcoming event and become a part of spreading the Gospel. It will change your life.

Meridian, ID2

Larry takes prayer requests while sitting in the church parking lot on a beautiful evening in Meridian.

Aug 2 - Aug 14, 2006

Linder Rd Church of Christ
1555 N Linder Rd
Meridian ID , 83642

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Aug 12, 2006 - 41 Baptisms, 2 Restorations, 1 Pending Restoration, and More Counting the Cost

This morning we spent the time with the local congregation reflecting on the past 10 days.  It was a beautiful morning with good things said about everyone and everything because there was not one negative thing to talk about.  This campaign went very smooth from start to finish (even though we all know that it isn’t finished for Linder Road).  We had 95 local members go out in the streets.  We had 9 locals become team leaders.  Many in the congregation helped in the kitchen and most of them still went out on the streets.  The housing director, Nancy Kuehl, smiled the entire time she was dealing with the housing and with airline arrivals and departures, and she still went out once a day on a team.  Beth and Alicia were awesome with cleaning, folding, purchasing, and bagging clothes for each individual need not to mention help buy the extra food needed.  That is only to mention a few. Linder Road is just an awesome congregation and it wouldn’t have happened without their awesome leadership. The elders are so wonderful with their evangelistic energy that the congregation said nothing but great things about them this morning.  The We Care Cadre said wonderful things about them and everyone noticed that the elder’s wives were out there with them in the streets talking to the lost souls.  Wow!!!  It was great to witness!!!  And like Stephanie, the church secretary said, “Our elders are amazing.”  She also said such a sweet thing to the cadre, “It feels like the cadre belongs to us.”  

 As members and cadre together were summing up the week, we learned that fighting the battle against Satan brings all of us closer together.  War is tiring and strenuous and as one of the elders put it, “There is a brush fire in this church.”  This brush fire was spreading with the wind and caught from the elders all the way down to the 8-10 year olds. 

As the morning was coming to an end, all the members of the church stood and sang to Larry West, "We Love You With The Love of the Lord."  They thanked him and the cadre from the bottom of their hearts for showing them how to preach the gospel in a very natural and comfortable way.  One woman said that she'll never go to Wal-Mart again without asking someone, "What if the Lord were to come today, would you know, nothing doubting, you would go to be with Him in Heaven?" 

 “Evangelism is not what we do.  Evangelism is who we are.”  Linder Road church of Christ in Meridian, Idaho is Evangelism”.
Meridian, ID10
Aug 11, 2006 - 36 Obey the Gospel -- Late Night and Early Morning

Boy are we tired and active at the same time.  It was a late night last night.  We had several studies going on in the church building as Larry was preaching the gospel.  Some of them walked out very sorrowful as they couldn’t make the decision to obey the gospel.  Godly sorrow is a powerful thing causing heartache and tears and prayer is powerful also as we continue to pray for these lost souls.  But we continue to rejoice as 4 were baptized before the night was over.  Hallelujah, what a Savior.

One who obeyed is a member of the church in Meridian and was questioning his baptism from the time Larry and Bill came out months ago for a seminar.  He is a bible class teacher, speaks from the pulpit, and has been very active in the campaign.  He just wasn’t sure of his own baptism and decided he needed to be sure.  He’s sure now, isn’t he.Sarah and Anthony obeyed the Gospel last night after the team decided to split the couple and have two different studies.  They both made the decision and today they are our brother and sister in Christ.  Sweet young couple who are on the road to Heaven, isn’t that great?You’ll love this story.  Remember Brigette?  Brigette was baptized and then her daughter was baptized yesterday afternoon.  Mario Brinkley had made a connection with her son, Jovan, when they both had an interest in football and found out they were both interested in Boise State.  Through this friendship Mario was able to present the gospel to Jovan.  Brigette and Mikala were listening to the presentation until Acts 22:16 and quietly walked out of the room.  Jovan said that all the wheels are going forward but one keeps going backwards.  Mario showed things he said by writing them on the dry erase board and Jovan realized what all he said was in the bible and what he’s been saying himself.  With that reflection in front of him, Jovan made the decision to obey the gospel.  Just think, a couple of days ago Brigette and her two children were slaves of sin and today they are all slaves of righteousness.Then this morning at 7:30 a.m. a couple came in for breakfast and decided to put on their Lord in baptism.  They heard the gospel yesterday and due to things happening in their physical lives couldn’t obey last night.  They were ready bright and early this morning and started the day off with a “high”.  More to come as the day unfolds since there are more studies going on today.  And it is Friday and the campaign is beginning to wind down a little.  Some of us are helping the elders nurture the new Christians and also prepare them for Sunday as the Day is approaching.  Please keep all these new Christians in your prayers as well as the ones who have heard the Gospel and went off sorrowful, and also for those who will hear the Gospel today.  We Love All You Support and Prayers!!!
Meridian, ID9
Aug 10, 2006 - 30 Baptisms -- WOW! Seeking the Lost in Meridian, ID

We had 20 studies just this morning alone.  Isn’t that encouraging?  It tells us that people are searching and Christians are seeking.  Some of us are having 3 studies in one day which is very tiring.  I know of some that had 2 studies and each turned down the Gospel bringing tears to those who put their heart into the Lord’s work.  It breaks our hearts because we become attached to these souls and our love grows for these individuals.  We wouldn’t have known them if we hadn’t knocked their doors and asked the question.

We have several studies going on right now including a team who are sitting under a tree by a snowcone shop with a couple of young Mormons.  We waived to our team and they waived back along with the two in their little white shirts.  Today those two young men are learning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.We have been making a lot of benevolent calls and this congregation is so generous.  All we have to do is put what we need on a board and fill out what we need on a benevolent sheet and the requests are given to us in no time at all.  It’s wonderful to see the Lord work in everybody’s life.  And what all of us learn is that this is what the Lord’s Church is all about.  This is what the Lord said to do in Matthew 25 and we’re all learning to do His Will.With 30 baptisms it’s hard to pick and choose which stories will be put on this website.  Anytime there is a new birth there is a story and all the stories are special.  However, here is a story that has turned into a novel, (well almost a novel).  One of the cadre members met a pregnant woman (Brigette) in the laundry mat one day and told her what we were doing.  Another cadre member was referred to a woman at an apartment complex and they ran into her neighbor (Cheynee).  Cheynee heard the Gospel and obeyed.  She came to dinner last night and Brigette was there also.  They recognized each other as neighbors and were happy to see each other.  The next thing you know Brigette was in a Gospel Presentation and made the decision to obey.  The wonderful thing about this baptism was that Cheynee had the opportunity to take Brigette in the back room to put on the baptismal clothing.  Today Brigette brought her daughter, Mikala, in for a study of the Gospel.  Brigette and Mikala are now sisters in Christ.  Wow!!  Beautiful tears were shed today by Brigette as she showed her daughter where to prepare for baptism and again as she sat in the audience to watch her daughter put on her Lord in baptism.   God Is Good!!!!
Meridian, ID8
Aug 9, 2006 - 18 Baptisms--The Lord's Work in Meridian, Idaho

We have had 34 and 36 teams, three on each team, out each morning this week!  I think this must be a record for us!

We have been on roads with Latter Day Saints and Jehovah Witnesses and haven't skipped a beat.  We have found other members of the church and have found wonderful beautiful people.  We have also found people who are hurting with the struggles this life gives us and that's why we're knocking the doors.  We Care!!!  Everyone is busy.  We’re giving out so many food boxes that members of the church are going out each day to buy more food.  We are giving out a lot of clothing especially since school is about to start.  We’re providing mattresses to those who have needs and we’re taking people in the community to doctor’s appointments to get them the care they need.  The love given out from the Linder Road church of Christ to those in this beautiful community is shown in abundance each and every day.  One can see the Lord working in all of them and with all the work and long hours being kept there has not been one complaint.  Isn’t it grand to be a Christian?  We have seen 18 obey the Gospel so far and we have lots of stories.  Here are a few of the baptism stories:  Keysha was found in an apartment after the Brocks were doing a follow up on another study the day before.  They studied with Keysha and she didn’t hesitate to obey the gospel.  Afterwards she said, “I feel so good!”  She was overwhelmed with the joy she found in the gospel.  Mariah grew up a Mormon and said she believed they were teaching things they wanted to hear and not what God wants.  She was taught through the Gospel Illustrated and made comments at each verse.  She is now our sister in Christ.  Jacob became a Christian after Trevis Bonnet presented the Gospel to him.  He was wide open during the study saying, “WOW, this is it, I want this!”  He couldn’t wait until the end of the study to be baptized.  Today he’s with us knocking doors.  Dottie is an older woman that Dewayne Smith’s team found.  She’s a quiet spoken lady and when Acts 22:16 was read they weren’t sure if she said Yes or not.  After asking again, she said “Yes” and obeyed and said she felt home at this congregation.  And then Laurie’s door was knocked, she was asked the question, and her response was “Did God send you?”  She saw something she wanted and obeyed the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Emily said “Yes” immediately after Acts 22:16.  Her door was knocked and later we found out that she was just house sitting, it’s not even her house.  And then there is Cheynnee who just moved into the area in April and was searching for friends and a church.  She has it now and also speaks Spanish which is what this congregation was looking for.  How about that?  The Lord always provides, doesn’t He? Sometimes we even have some of our own obey the Gospel after hearing the words, “Would you know without a shadow of a doubt you would go to Heaven?”  Sometimes that makes us think more of what we are asking of others while not really being sure about self.  The other night 4 of those who have been presenting the gospel and doing benevolent work decided they needed to be sure.  They have no doubt whatsoever today. Now for a different story.  One fella, Jack Bernard, showed up on his bicycle.  He rode from Florida and is riding across country.  He is a Christian trying to overcome drugs and alcohol.  See his web site www.soberjack.com.  On that site he says, "I have had an addiction to drugs for the past ten years.  It is not something I am proud of, but it is part of who I am.  I have been an abuser most of my life.  It began when I was fourteen.  I am thirty now, and I have finally decided to do the right thing. See, we all know right from wrong, but we have to have the willingness to do what is right.  As my life has progressed from 14 to 30, I kept slipping further and further down the ladder.  Now, it’s time to get up.  So, I've decided to partake in “The Ride to Sobriety”.  On April 19th 2006, I will get on my bicycle in Tampa, Florida and ride to California then back to the east coast. During the ride, I will be seeking shelter for rest. On these stops, I will be looking for work, camping, and interacting with other people.  Along the way, I hope to find out how to live with a sober Jack, to find God’s purpose for my life, and to help and inspire addicts along the way.  I want to show addicts that there is hope, hope for a better you."  Notice, he says he will be seeking God's purpose for his life!  Well, he was going to stay just one day.  That was a week ago!!  Ahaa!  He HAS found God's purpose for his life!  He's going out on teams and learning how to tell the Gospel!  And is he excited!!  Praise God!

Meridian, ID7
Aug 7, 2006 - 12 Baptisms and God Has Only Just Begun
Linder Road Church of Christ is a congregation of about 320 members.  It consists of 8 wonderful elders, a fantastic preacher, a beautiful secretary (inside and out), and a very loving congregation.  This congregation’s love is so abundant that with a very strong leadership they saw the need to reach out in their neighborhoods and preach the gospel.  Today we sent out 36 teams consisting of 108 Christians at war with Satan.  The energy in the auditorium as teams were assigned was awesome.  The “I’ve Got to Go” attitude was in the air.  The love of the Lord and His gospel was apparent making it an awesome morning.  God Bless This Congregation.There have been several baptisms since the last campaign update.  Of course they all have their unique stories.  For instance, Nathan Penning’s door was knocked and he said he knew he wasn’t going to heaven and asked the team to come in and study with him.  He was very honest and said that just a couple of days ago he told his buddy they needed to get their lives right.  Sure enough Nathan has decided to repent and be baptized.  After his baptism, he was taken in to go through the Post Natal Lesson confirming what he had done when he was looking at the church directory and pointed to a picture of his grandparents.  Now doesn’t that give you chills?  This team did not know that he was related to anyone in the church.  They just let the Lord lead them to a door.  Brothers and Sisters, family members of all ages are obeying the gospel.  Edwin Hochhalter, who is 90 years old, was baptized.  Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  Tell that to Edwin who is one of the elder’s wife’s stepdad.  And then there is Blake Green who after seeing a gospel presentation decided he wanted to be sure he was going to heaven.  And John Morgan Hodge who has been reared by wonderful Godly parents decided to put on his Lord in baptism.  The only sad thing was that his dad was not able to witness the baptism as he is on his way to China but is rejoicing with John Morgan’s decision.  Sometimes cadre members bring their family members to the campaigns to show them what We Care is all about.  Lacey McMeniman, Doug Sears’ daughter, came to see what her dad continued to talk about.  Last night she decided to put her Lord on in baptism and today she was out there knocking the doors with the rest of us.  Way to go Lacey!!!

Brothers and Sisters, we continue to need your prayers for the studies in progress, for all the call backs each team has, and for cooler weather.  We had to cut the door knocking short this afternoon as the temperature reached 105 degrees.  The weather man says cooler weather is coming (91 degrees which will be wonderful after today) and we’re praying to the Lord to help us “be content in whatever state we are in.” 

Meridian, ID6
Aug 4, 2006 - Studying the Gospel Presentation in the Dark!
Last night as we began our second night on the SWB (Soul Winning Basics) the lights went out.  Not to worry because we didn’t skip a beat with the work that needed to be done.  Some of us grabbed chairs and went outside, some were in a room with a window and had no problem, some made their way out to the coaches in the lawn chairs, some just sat in the middle of the hallways where there was light.  It was a fun experience with a little excitement.  All in all, the Lord’s work continued.  NO PROBLEM!!!

The wonderful thing about Linder Road Church of Christ is they have been practicing the gospel presentation with the leadership of the elders and Richard Sutton, the minister.  As we were training on how to use the presentation, we found that many were already comfortable with the presentation making it a piece of cake for them to personalize the presentation.  In other words, the church here made our job easy last night.  One thing can be said about Linder Road, “God’s saints here are extremely friendly and are hungry to learn how to talk to those that are lost.”

As we came in for reports yesterday afternoon and again this morning, we find that people are friendly and want to talk.  They like the fact that we are out helping others.  They share their salvation stories with us.  Several studies have been conducted or are scheduled to be conducted.  There are those studies that have been conducted leaving lost souls counting the cost or simply turning down the Lord.  There are also studies that began yesterday and are continuing today.  No matter what the outcome, please pray for these souls that have seen the gospel and pray for those conducting the studies. 

Meridian, ID5
Aug 3, 2006 - All I Can Say Is: "GOD ROCKS" -- 3 Baptisms
Tuesday evening the We Care Campaign in Meridian, ID officially started in the church's front parking lot (that's where the shade was).  We were praying for specifics like good weather, the Lord guiding us to those who are looking, lost souls being opened to the gospel, call back responses, etc.  We also prayed for our friends and loved ones by name which certainly added to our Ten Most Wanted list.  The church in Meridian has so much love for those they know and they want these friends and loved ones to go with them to heaven. 

While we were deep in prayer a car full of teens drove by and one of them yelled out "God Rocks".  I thought that it was a good positive yell for the Lord but some of them in the praying crowd took it as mocking.  No matter how it was taken, we all know that everything is in God's hands, don't we.  Hold that thought!!Last night we began our Soul Winning Basics (SWB) which is the time we spend training the members how to use our approach and present the gospel.  We have been doing this training for a year now and never know what to expect.  We divided into groups and practiced approaching people at the door and then ask the question, "What if the Lord were to come today, would you know without a doubt you would go to heaven?"  During the training 3 of the youth were doing some of their own soul searching and the next thing we knew studies were being conducted.Remember I told you to hold that thought.  Tuesday evening 2 of the young men in this congregation were specifically prayed for by name--Taylor and Preston, brothers.  Preston is heading to college this fall and Taylor is just a year behind Preston.   So many people were praying for them.  Their names came up several times.  Not remembering exactly when the young teen yelled out "God Rocks," it could have been right after these two names were lifted in prayer.  Both boys were in the training last night with Tommy Keys leading the group.  When the question is asked, people think.  These two boys were doing some soul searching last night and Tommy knew right away what he needed to do.  Sure enough both of them made the decision to be baptized.  They're great boys and have a great family who love them so much.  There were a lot of tears of joy last night as we waited for a while for family and close friends to witness this beautiful act of obedience.  Rebecca was the name of the other young lady who was baptized last night.  She is in Meridian visiting with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Her mother and father live in Winnemuca, NV.  She just returned from camp on Saturday, sat in a class with Dewayne Smith on Sunday morning as he presented the gospel to the teens, was in a small training group last night with Bebe Jones and came up afterwards wanting someone to help her be sure she needed to be baptized.  So Dot Highberg and her grandmother went in a room to share a few more scriptures which was very easy since she knew all the answers.  Rebecca knew baptism was the right thing to do so all we had to do was wait for all her family (other than her parents) to come back to the church building to witness her baptism.  It was a wonderful experience watching the family circle her knowing she was being clothed in Christ.So thank you to the young man who yelled out "God Rocks."  He certainly did in Meridian, Idaho last night.