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June 10-11 Door Knocking in Lovington New México  Two  Obey the Gospel

Sergios Baptizm Jazmín Baptizm
Brother  Juan Reyes who started a Spanish congregation within the Anglo Church of Christ in Lovington Texas had invited Antonio Tabón from Cherry Lane in Midland to help him grow the congregation.

Antonio and Imelda his wife organized a door knocking effort and nine total from Cherry Lane Gustavo Lupita 2 of his older daughters Gloria Joe Gonzales, Marco from cherry Lane.  3 from the Spanish leadership from Kermit Texas  the preacher  Joe and his wife a brother that helps him who is originally from  Guatemala. Leon and Helena from Carlsbad. Plus we had a local on most all the teems with support of the entire 13 members of the local congregation. Plenty of food and housing.We are grateful they would call on us to be a part of their effort.

Ate breakfast,  reviewed the basics organized 5 teams had a prayer and were out the door for further on the job training by 10 a.m.

For Friday and Saturday we had a total of 18 studies, 3 more set up for Monday that Antonio returned to do because the local preacher had his immigration appointment Monday and 20 more to be followed up by the locals later. 2 obeyed the Gospel on the bible study Gustavo presented  to Sergio and Jazmín, They were introduced by Leno a local man from the Lovington congregation, this young couple was a contact from work. Gustavo sheared that they were very interested but we have our work cut out for the church to keep them.

Juan Reyes The Preacher Gustavo nightly Preaching

Juan Reyes the preacher lovington New Mexico

Souls are being won all over the country.

Bro. Marco


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