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Hi all dear brothers, I write with pleasure from the city of Lerdo Durango Mexico, we are working on our second mission trip, we traveled for 15 days ago, to live in this new city and there will be another Christ Church in this city.
New Church in Lerdo

This is exciting work for God and start new challenges, I do not think you can live or do anything in my life, this is the purpose of God in me.

This new city is very different from Parral Chihuahua, this is a bigger city and people are living in a great sin, we have many colonies as many gangs throughout Mexico and unfortunately with much violence, so we have much work to do.

We can not sit with folded hands, this is our country, this is our generation, this is our faith, we will save souls for Christ, that I'm sure.

Now we start to do field work for the next 6 months, these months are very important as we will to meet this new city, through evangelism, studies at home (small groups) and campaigns, this will be our letter presentation with our new friends.

This will be a busy time "we will fish in a big sea and we need to throw a lot of hooks." But we trust completely in God's blessing in this new venture.

I also am happy because I have news that the church remains steadfast in Parral faith, I am constantly asking for my children and brother Mares who is ministering to this church.

The farewell was very emotional, tears and love from all my brothers, but they understand that the missionary has to keep working and traveling to new cities, such is the commandment "Go into all the world preaching the gospel"

I would like to finish my career in this world to go with the satisfaction of having "served my generation through obedience to God"

Ricardo Alvarez C. (Missionary)
(Attached a picture of the moment when the Church of Parral give our brother Mares, last month, prayed together on stage for the new mission and the congregation in Parral)

Dear brothers in Christ is my pleasure to write to you "good news of our work in the Lord here in this new city, we had the blessing of having a new daughter in the faith.

The name of our new sister is LETICIA DELGADO she was baptized for the forgiveness of their sins on 1 July, she is our first baptism in the city of Torreon, and full of joy at this.

We ask your prayers for this new "mission" · Church of Christ in this area of ​​the Laguna region (Torreon, Gomez and Lerdo)

We will be working for the honor and glory of God, we have several studies in homes, God blesses when we work hard for.

Remember the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

RICARDO ALVAREZ C. (Preacher and Evangelist in Mexico)


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