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FORTY-five obeyed the Gospel in the We Care Campaign in Lampasas, Texas!

Lampasas, Texas  Campaign

Eleven obey so far! Our Cadre coming in from the entire far reaches of the USA, California to Connecticut, joined forces of the church in the Texas hill country to SAR the lost! This pic show only a part of them. So far in town we are meeting one out of every two doors we knock; of those we are presenting the Gospel to every five! One out of every five of those are obeying the Gospel!

On the first day of the campaign the team of Shri-Lahn Newman (cadre), Stephanie Ambrose (local), and Rocky Moncus (local) knocked on a door and Donna McAnally answered. It was not her house, but she was there cleaning it. They asked her the question and she felt she would go to heaven, but she allowed them to present the Gospel to her. She took a break and they sat down on the front porch. As she read the scriptures she could see the difference in what she had done and what the scriptures taught. She told the team that she wanted to obey the Gospel but she had three children to pick up. She wanted to come to the building and eat supper and then she would obey. She came with her mother and obeyed the Gospel that evening.

Delores Montoya was a friend of Don Cox. Delores had been studying the Bible through the World Bible School. Her teacher lived in Amarillo, TX, and contacted Don to let him know that Delores had been studying and that she may be at the point of wanting to be saved. Don and his wife, Linda, went to visit her. She had some questions so Linda did research in order to answer some of them. Linda then went back to visit and give her some scriptures to think about. The team of Roberta and Harold Neely (cadre) and Don Cox (local) went back to see her on Thursday. Roberta was able to present the Gospel to her and answer some of her questions. This was probably the first time she was able to really understand what the Gospel is and she was then convicted and was ready to obey it.

The team of Shri-Lahn Newman (cadre), Cathy Hendricks (cadre), and Rocky Moncus (local) knocked on the door of Casey Blackstock. He was in the process of moving from one house to another in Lampasas. He agreed to sit down and listen to God’s Word. At the end of the Gospel presentation he immediately said yes, he wanted to obey. They came right to the building where he put on Christ in baptism.

Anthony Melankie (cadre) brought three members of his congregation in Connecticut with him to the campaign. John and Michelle Sebastian and Sean Melichar had all been questioning if their baptism had been for the right reason so, to make sure of their salvation, they all obeyed the Gospel.

On Monday the team of Shri-Lahn Newman (cadre), Amy Gill (cadre), and Sean Melichar (cadre) knocked on the door of Karla Bacca. After talking a little while she let them come in. When they got her story they found out she has been seriously looking for the New Testament church. She had been baptized in a denominational church and never felt like she was part of it. She said she wanted a church that just followed the Bible and had no doctrine or creed. Shri-Lahn said, “Well, here we are.” After Shri-Lahn presented the Gospel she said she wanted to pray about it. Shri-Lahn went back to see her twice on Tuesday but she was not home either time. On Wednesday night she came and was looking for Shri-Lahn but Shri-Lahn was in another presentation. During the invitation song Nikki was very nervous and the local members who were sitting with her told her if she wanted to obey the Gospel they would walk down with her, so she went forward and obeyed the Gospel.

Kelly Sylvester was visiting the services on Wednesday night. During the invitation song he began walking down the aisle. One of the members here saw him and went to meet him. When asked how he could be helped he said he needed to obey the Gospel. He said he was baptized when he was seven years old and he did it out of order. He said he needed to get it in the right order now.

Francisca Villegas has an amazing story. She had been attending a church in Mexico that did not believe the Gospel saves us. There were many problems in that church and after her husband left her she decided to move to California where her parents lived and perhaps she would be happier. After moving in with her parents, where were of a different religious persuasion, she found the Lord’s church. A lady there befriended her and helped her. This lady also taught her the Bible, but Francisca felt that she had already been baptized for the right reason. She then tried to teach her parents. One day when her father was reading a magazine from the religion he was involved with, she tried to convince him to read the Bible. She told him he needed to read more than that magazine, that he needed to read the context of the scripture. Her parents got very angry with her and kicked her out of their house. She had to call her niece in Lampasas to send her money so she could come and stay with her. She arrived here last Sunday. She called the lady at the church in California who had helped her so and as she was talking to her she was looking at a local publication, The Radiogram, put out every day in Lampasas. The lady told her to be sure and find a church and she looked at the first page of this publication and there was the We Care advertisement. She told the lady that she had just found the church. She came then on Wednesday night and heard Larry’s sermon on the necessity of baptism. It became very clear to her as he was writing the word, “BLOOD,” in the boxes that said salvation that she had not been saved by her previous baptism. She then came and obeyed the Gospel.

At a fish fry on Friday night, Reggie Gardner (cadre) met Ron Farr (local). Ron told Reggie that he knew a young couple that he would like for Reggie to sit down with. They came the next Wednesday night. Reggie asked Shri-Lahn Newman (cadre) and Ron Farr (local) to go with him to present the Gospel to them. Reggie proceeded to get their story and then presented the Gospel to them. When Nikki Wiles read the last verse she began to cry and was determined to obey the Gospel. Frank was not persuaded yet to obey. He is re-evaluating his previous baptism.

The team of Don and Sharon Brock (cadre) and Trent Lancaster (local) knocked on the door of Derreck Driskell and presented the Gospel to him. He had a lot of things to think over before he obeyed. Don and Sharon went back to visit him several times and help him talk things out. Derreck wanted to obey the Gospel, but he would get very anxious around a large group of people. Valerie, his neighbor, had obeyed the Gospel earlier in the week and tried to convince him that he needed to obey. She even came with him to the building one night and tried to convince him to go in but he could not bring himself to do that. Don went back on Tuesday and Derreck promised him that he would come on Wednesday evening to obey the Gospel. He came and wanted the baptism to be private, so it was.

The team of George and Betty Vinson (cadre) and Barbara Kyzar (local) knocked on the door of Cora Jean Litton. Betty asked her the question and she replied that she was not sure she would go to heaven. She went on to tell them that she had never been baptized and that had been bothering her. Betty asked if they could talk about that. She agreed to talk and Betty proceeded to present to the Gospel to her. When asked the last question in the presentation she said, “I need to do this because it has been on my mind and I’ve never done it before.” She then came to the building to obey the Gospel.

Teresa Christoph is the sister of Lonnie Gandy. Lonnie had been telling Teresa she needed to “get baptized” for some time, even before he really understood what baptism signified. She came with he and Janet when they obeyed the Gospel and then the team of Reggie Gardner (cadre), Sybil West (cadre), and Jan Alexander (local) presented the Gospel to her while Lonnie and Janet were involved in the post-natal lesson. She realized then what baptism meant so she then obeyed the Gospel.

During a campaign many of the local members and people who are attending a campaign for the first time hear the Gospel being taught and preached. Many of them come to realize that they did not, for one reason or another, obey the Gospel when they were baptized the first time. Janet Cox, a local member, was one of these. She decided that she didn’t want to have any doubts or worries about it any more so she obeyed the Gospel.

The team of Jim Smith (cadre), Chanda Swartz (cadre) , and Jan Alexander (local) met Lonnie and Janet Gandy on Monday evening from a referral. After the presentation they could see the Gospel and how it worked and were ready to obey it. They came to the building on Wednesday morning to put Christ on in baptism.

The team of Jack Rick (cadre), David Gantt (cadre) and Betty Underwood (local) knocked on a lady’s door and asked if she knew of anyone in need of food. She said she didn’t but she had some friends who might need some. Diana Stephenson was one of those friends. The team went the next day to talk to Diana and got into a Gospel presentations. At the end of the presentation she study she thought awhile, then asked a few questions to get it clearer in her mind. After those questions were answered, she agreed that she needed to obey the gospel, so they came to the building and obeyed it.

The team of Mickael Moore (cadre), Jean Terry (cadre) and Kevin Brown (local) met Wayne Hatchell by knocking on his mother’s door. He and his wife are staying with her. Mickael presented the Gospel to all three of them and they were all very open to the Gospel. Wayne wanted to obey the Gospel so he was immersed into Christ’s death. His wife, Kristy, has many health problems so her mind was not completely on the study. His mother also wants to obey the Gospel, but cannot leave the house because she is caring for a son that she cannot leave alone.

On Monday Ellen Leyva agreed to meet with Reggie Gardner (cadre). Ellen is the wife of Robert Leyva, who obeyed the Gospel on Saturday. Glenn and Sandy Grant (locals) were friends of Robert and went with Reggie. Ellen had in mind that Reggie was coming over for marriage counseling, but Reggie soon got into the salvation dialogue with her. He explained what we were doing and that he wanted to share with her what he had shared with Robert. After reading Acts 22:16 she said, “Well, that says that my two previous baptisms are no good.” She began to have other questions but after Reggie said that all he could tell her was that he looked at the word of God and it told us how we get in on what Jesus did and why. She then realized that she needed to do this but thought it might be too late, as it was 9:45 pm. Reggie told her that this is urgent so she did not hesitate to come to the building and obey the Gospel and make her salvation sure.

Chad Metheny is a friend of Larry Lovett (local). Larry asked Tommy Key (local) if he would go with him and see if he would listen to a Gospel presentation. He agreed and they sat on the back porch of his house while Tommy presented the Gospel to him. Chad had never been baptized and he saw the need for obedience to the Gospel, so he came to the building to do so.

On Wednesday night Janey Wolverton, a new Christian, brought her sister, Barbara (Barby) Roberts, to hear Larry’s sermon. During the sermon she was listening intently and it was obvious she was learning. George and Betty Vinson (cadre) talked to her after the sermon and offered to present the Gospel to her. She couldn’t stay because it was getting late and she and Janey had to go see about their children, so George asked if she could come eat with them and then he would present the Gospel to her then. She came and listened to the presentation and told them she learned during the sermon that she wasn’t saved. When they got to the last verse she said, “Why are you waiting. Well, why am I waiting?” Betty said, “I don’t know. Everything is ready and we can go do that right now.” She had to go home and see about her daughter and came back about 8:30 that night and obeyed the Gospel.

The team of John Rowe (cadre), Michelle Sebastian (cadre), and David Eversdyk knocked on Ramon Ibarra’s door. Ramon came to the door and wanted them to come back and talk to his wife, Sandra Ibarra. When they went back to talk to Sandra she was not there but her cousin, Diana Carron, was there. They presented the Gospel to Diana and she was not ready to obey it. A little later Ramon’s wife, Sandra, came back and had her mother, Esther Torres, there. Esther spoke very little English so as John presented the Gospel to Sandra, Sandra would translate it to Esther. At the last verse Sandra and Esther were speaking in Spanish and Esther wanted to obey first. She told Sandra, “I want to be baptized. You need to be baptized too.” Sandra said, “Yes, you are right; okay let’s do it.” They then went to the building and obeyed the Gospel. As they were eating supper they got a call from Diana, the cousin of Sandra, with whom they had shared the Gospel. She wanted to obey and came to the building and was baptized to put on Christ.

The team of Joe Ferguson (cadre), David Gantt (cadre), and Linda Cox (local) knocked on the door of Jim and D’Ann Farley, Jr. Jim had accepted Christ about 25 years ago. About 20 years after that he met D’Ann, who had not accepted Christ. She then accepted Christ and then two or three months later they were baptized as an outward show of their acceptance of Christ. The team presented the Gospel to them, however they did not make a decision so the team left the materials with them. That was a week ago last Thursday. After almost a week D’Ann came to the Wednesday evening sermon and was very moved by what she heard and understood what was being said. She was in tears and very upset about what she had learned. Joe Ferguson and his wife, Darla, took her aside and went over the Gospel again and answered many of her questions. She was still weeping and still had some confusion about what she had heard. Joe told her to go home and talk to Jim and if they made a decision to obey the Gospel to call him. They did not call but came for lunch the next day, which was Thursday. After lunch Joe took them back to a study room and went over more questions and they began to see that they needed to obey the Gospel. They then accepted that fact and went to the water to obey the Gospel.

The Gospel was presented to Shelby Morrow by the team of Anthony Melakian (cadre), Barbara Moncus (local), and James Johnson (cadre). She realized that she needed to obey so they brought her to the building to do that.

The Cardinas family attended the Gospel meeting several nights. They live in a small town close to Lampasas and attend the Lord’s church there. Their son, Lane Cardinas, listened to the sermons and wanted to obey the Gospel. They went to the church they normally attended on Wednesday evening and Lane was baptized there to obey the Gospel.

On Tuesday Shri-Lahn Newman (cadre) went to the home of Karla Racca, who had listened to the Gospel presentation on Monday. Shri-Lahn wanted to give Karla some information on the World Bible School materials. Karla wasn’t home so her mother, Gayle M. Racca, came to the door. Shri-Lahn talked to her a little while. Then on Wednesday Karla obeyed the Gospel and was worried about her mother. Shri-Lahn then set up a time with Karla to go back and talk to her mother, Gayle. All morning Gayle was complaining to Karla about someone coming over. She kept saying things like, “What does she want? Why does anybody need to talk to me? What’s she going to talk to me about?” Finally Carla told her, “Mama, that’s just the devil talking to you.” As soon as Shri-Lahn walked in, along with John Sebastian (cadre) and Brian Alexander (local), Gayle recognized Shri-Lahn from Tuesday and allowed her to present the Gospel. At the end of the presentation she saw what she needed to do so they came to the building and she obeyed.

The team of George and Betty Vinson (cadre) and Cameron and Michael Cox (locals) knocked on the door of Steven Corey Carroll. George asked him how he and the Lord were doing and Corey indicated they were not doing well. He then agreed to hear George’s salvation story. At the end he told George that he needed to do this and was ready. He though it would be a day or two before he could be baptized, but George said, “No, we can do this right now, right over there.” He pointed to the church building and said, “We can practically walk to it.” After his obedience to the Gospel, Corey told them that he “just happened” to take this day off. Otherwise they would not have found him home because he works all the time. This is just another example of how we often see the Lord working in the lives of people.

On Thursday the team of Michael Moore (cadre), Jean Terry (cadre), and Jeremiah Daniels (local) knocked on a door. Brenda Arthur opened it and Mickael began his introduction. He started telling her his salvation story, but she then invited them in. Angie Lee, Brenda’s daughter, was sitting on the couch. Mickael started over and after he finished they had no question as to if they would obey the Gospel or not. The question was when they could come to the building and obey. They said they could come early Friday morning and they did. Brenda told Mickael that as she was lying in bed the night before and read the presentation from the Bible over again and she knew that was what she needed to do.


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