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Nine studies resulting in three baptisms in Guerrero Negro!!!

Report by Marco Señoret from We Care ministries.

Hi reach San Diego on Monday, 11 April after leaving Odessa Texas two days before, The minister from Guerrero Negro (Luis Antuna 25) taking the bus from his hometown to meet me in Tijuana his purpose was to help me drive down my vehicle to his home town. I had a ride with anticipation because I knew that it would take me some time to get the permits to be able to drive my car down to the interior of the country. 

Interesting point is that while I was getting my visa to be able to enter the country, and I also got the permit for the vehicle, the officer that expedited my permits proceeded to tell me that a lot of Mexican people from the United States were currently returning to Mexico because the cost-of-living in the US was not worth the expense and they weren't able to make ends meet forcing a lot of family's return to Mexico.

Originally one of the ministers in the San Diego area that had agreed to go down to Baja with me was (Gustavo Rojo 62) he's a pipe welder for General Dynamics. As it turns out his wife would have to have a tumor operated on her neck and he himself will be under-going prostate cancer treatment as of 22 April. We prayed about it and he realized he needed to tend to his family's needs before he could be able to do evangelism, so we ask for prayers for the sweet family and a good outcome for both of them medically.

(Ricardo Alvarez 35) came up from Torreon Chuahuila We had agreed that I would travel on the US side to Tijuana and that he would meet me there so that we could go down to the Peninsula of Baja California together. Travel for a loan American white male with Texas plates inside the Mexican Territory is not advisable.

So when we had gathered all the necessary requirements for all three of us began traveling southbound Wednesday the 13th. 

From Tijuana to Guerrero Negro there exist 22 congregations of the church of Christ. Also the span covers 444 miles, because of all of the activity that Ricardo and Luis were having on Facebook, other ministers contacted us and they wanted to join our effort as we went south bound (Brother Antonio Gonzales 55 San Vicente Congregation), (Brother Marco Bañuelos 65 San Quintin Congregation). With gas stops, food stops, and visiting the churches of the brothers we were picking up along the way, we ended up taking 12 hours total travel time through hard pot-hole infested roads. As we traveled everybody kept commenting on which brother, was at what church, and in what little town! And oh-boy did they know everybody! 

Usually we run into trouble somewhere along the line, long before this point, so I could definitely see the Lord's hand in all of this.

I don't need to make much effort to tell you the beauty of the country as you go through it and the desert.

Finally we arrived Guerrero Negro, oh and by the way when I realized the sleeping arrangements I knew that I had no choice but to rent a motel room if I hope to be awake during the event, because my sleeping disorders plus anything else equals no sleep.

The next day early morning we met for breakfast and proceeded to go to the building and begin our training session so that the We Care method was known by everyone so we can all pull together as a team. After lunch we got together formed the groups and went down the list of our warm market contacts, Ricardo led to study with Jenny, and I went to the business next-door to the church a small stationary store. 

We held nightly services at 7 PM and I was given the opportunity to bring the we care sermons which contain the gospel and how do I obey the Gospel within them.

The next day after breakfast we proceeded to Jenny Galvez 23 baptism why she had counted the cost and wanted to obey the Gospel the next day! 

On Saturday we had two baptisms one Jaime Niño Hernandez 18 it was at 1 PM, and then that night Marco Lopez Reyes was at 9 p.m.

Ricardo Alvarez sister Esly Antuna and Enoc Monjaras, studied with Jenny she had been attending the congregation since it started seven months before.

Ricardo Alvarez, Justino, and Paulina Bañuelos studied with Jaime, sister Aida Santiago invite him to the campaign then after lunch we have a study with him because he had a trip out of town right after words (Viscaino).

At the end of the third night after I was done preaching I had The opportunity to interview and study with Marco and his wife sister Aracelli, this was a very emotional obedience because The local preacher Luis Antuna had had several studies with him and finally the last day of the campaign with tears and huggs excepted the gospel!

Victory Sunday Ricardo taught the Aftercare class and I preached the sermon charging the church with the responsibility as a newborn. Reminding them to go forward and continue in this new quest soul-searching amongst the lost.

We had studies with:please pray for
Victorino Hiziporo (visitor)
Antonio Magdaleno (home-improvement store)
Maura, husband, and mother in law (stationary)
Marina (receptionist my hotel)
Juan Yerna (Man in wheelchair)
Ruben (visitor)
Jose Luis, Faviola (visitors)
Fransisco (Restaurant owner)
Martin (Hot dog stand)
Reina (visitor)

Bro. Marco Señoret

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