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Radio 5 Min

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World Radio Spokesperson Larry West

We Care Short Stories with Larry West
The following short stories are Larry West's We Care radio programs that were on the air over 25 years.  At one time they were aired every workday on more than 150 stations, including some 50,000-watt stations, like WOR (New York City), WWL (New Orleans) and WOAI (San Antonio, Texas).  When placed on prime stations at prime time (usually drive-time audiences, like 7:55 a.m., just as people are arriving at work), they produced amazing results.  If these programs were left on the air 24 months, and Larry would be invited to local churches to speak as follow up to these programs, he would regularly witness 25% to 40% of his audiences outside community guests.
Actually, it was these programs that gave birth to We Care Ministries!
You can still air these programs on your local station.  These are one-minute and five-minute We Care programs.  They are still contemporary in nature and independent to one another.  You can place them on the air just one day a week or three days a week or, if you like all five days a week.  You choose.  While most have been sponsored by churches, some have been sponsored by businesses, some of those owned by Christians, others not.  One station today in Kentucky places it on their daily schedule because listeners continue to telephone them, asking the programs to remain.

Click and listen to them.  Download them yourself and take them to your own elders and ask the church to place them on the air locally.  Take them to the radio station and present them for their own consideration. (The program numbers mentioned prior to program are simply the numbering system, not to be aired.) Then, let's follow up!  Have a We Care Campaign and let's reap the harvest!

Hard Copy

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5 Minute programs


Genesis Passes Congress LW2506

Putting the World Back Together LW2726

Seizing Opportunities LW2507 What Price Freedom? LW2727
Cable Porn LW2508 Hope for The Future LW2728
We Need A Friend LW2509 Life Is Worth Dying For LW2729
The Heroin Connection LW2510 Believing Enough to Take Control LW2730
Jesus - A Friend of The Friendless LW2516 The Power to Be Yourself LW2731
Our Compassionate God LW2517 Every Man for Himself LW2732
Along The Jericho Road LW2518 Hart and Core LW2733
A Proud Man LW2519 The Burden of Suicide LW2734
What Should We Give our Children? LW2520 Husband, Love Your Wife LW2735
Getting The Facts Before Jumping LW2531 What Really Counts LW2736
It's God Who Can Change A Man LW2532 Getting the Hart Right LW2737
Facing The Music LW2533 The Poor and the Lonely LW2738
Life and Hardships LW 2534 Escape To Freedom (Clyde Thompson) LW2739
The Attitude of Gratitude LW 2535 The Awesome Power to be Yourself LW2740
Giving Love Again Lw2536 Abortion LW2741
America's Goodness LW2537 Great Men Respect Mothers LW 2742
Procrastination-You Can Wait Too Long LW2538 Delayed Obedience LW2743
What Makes The Man? LW2539 Did you Hear the Latest? LW2744
The Touch of The Master's Hand LW2540 The Impossible Takes Longer LW2745
Being Ready To Die LW2146 Success in Christ LW2746
A Successful Man LW2147 What a Hero! LW2747
Drugs and Their Consequences LW2148 What Are We on the Inside LW2748
Learning From Life's Challenges LW2149 Things Money Cannot Buy LW2749
The Criminal and Justice LW2150 Success In The Face of Trouble LW2750
One Man for One Woman LW2706 Handling Hard-To-Love People LW2751
Abortion LW2707 God Walks With the Humble LW2752
Man is Not to Play God LW2708 The Oyster and the Eagle LW2753
Finding Truth LW2710 The Slow Decay LW2754
Warm Security LW2709 Activity and an Empty Life LW2755
"Bonsai Men" LW2721 Not Justice But Mercy LW2756
Why Do You Do What You Do? LW2722 Facing Grief LW2757
You Find What You Seek LW2723 He Ain't Worth Nothing LW2758
Getting Caught LW2724 When the Children Grow Up LW2759
Oh, What Determination! LW2725 Arrows in The Hands of A Warrior LW2760
It Works Contradictory LW2716 How Hard Are We Pulling the Bow? LW2761
Science and The Bible LW2717 What Really Counts LW2762
God is Like the Pump! LW2718 Worthless but Valuable
Great Clichés LW2719 Bonsai Men LW2764
Hell? You Don’t Half to Go LW2720 God Will Take Care of You LW2765
Anna Karenina LW2496 Decisions, Decisions! LW2766
Where Did We Go Wrong? LW2497 Being Adopted LW2767
A Look at God's Universe LW2498 If You Were an Unwanted Child... LW2768
Fate: Lincoln and Kennedy LW2499 Worry and Your Imagination LW2769
He Declared Himself a God! LW2500 Steps to Overcoming Worry LW2770
God, Help us To Be ThankfulLW2521 Believing Enough to Die For It LW2771
Open Up Your Hand LW2522 Christianity vs. Denominationalism LW2772
God Is Forgiveness LW2523 Love Is Blind LW2773
What Is A Friend? LW2524 Controlling Ourselves LW2774

My Father Is Here LW2525

Worry! It'll Kill You! Quit it! LW2775
Crazy Bill LW2711 Mama Was That Way LW2776
Peer pressure LW2712 Counting the Cost LW2777
God Cares LW2713 My Wife - My Best Friend LW2778
Sin and Its Consequences LW2714 Honesty - The Extra Mile LW2779
Hungry for Consequences LW2715 Helping Out LW2780
3-6-1857 The Intimacy of Caring LW2036
Sex is big business The Grace of God LW2037
Homosexual movement Taking Drugs on the Job LW2038
Call up Dr Death A Man of Few Words LW2039
We got it all backwards Why People are Rude LW2040
If I Hadn't Stopped Worrying... LW2046 I Will Love You LW2051
Be Careful What You Wish LW2047 "We've made A Decision... About TV!" LW2052
Determined To Set Men Free LW2048 Five minus One LW2053
Volunteering To Surrender LW2049 When Everything Turns Against You LW2054
Never Judge the Man By His Clothes LW2050 The Wrong Start LW2055
Learning to Pray LW2231 Telling Rumors LW2126
Success from Listening To Others LW2232 Using Profanity LW2127
How much are You Worth LW2233 Loyalty and Self-Sacrifice LW2128
Learning To Laugh At Yourself LW2234 "More Room For Me" LW2129
Depending on Luck LW2235 Sin - The Cause of the Problem LW2130
A Crop to Die On LW2611 Believing a Lie LW2151
The Bible That Speaks LW2612 It's How You Say It LW2152
Take Time to Read The Bible LW2613 Money and the Measure of Man LW2153
His Life, His Fortune, His Sacred Honor LW2614 Are Schools Allowed To Promote Religion? LW2154
The Overlooked Tragedy LW2615 Three Questions Answered LW2155
Revised Wedding Vows LW2621 Honor Thy Father and Mother LW2156
Television: Leisure-Time Prison LW2622 Tough and Fair LW2157
Marriage Is a Partnership LW2623 Standing For the Truth LW2158
Why Do We Suffer LW2624 Being Critical LW2159
The Cross of Christ LW2625 Be Courteous LW2160
Rumor LW2641 Come Out of Your Shell LW2166
Grief LW2642 Birds More Valuable Than Human Life LW2167
Resentment LW2643 Watergate and the Resurrection of Christ LW2168
Judging By Appearance LW2644 Giving a Man What He Wants LW2169
Fitting into Someone Else’s Mold LW2645 A Modern Day Good Samaritan LW2170
I Hurt Inside LW2286 Short Cuts and Religion LW2226
Do Things Happen By Fate LW2287 The Great Escape LW2227
Terminological Inexactitude LW2288 Little Things Can Make Big Differences LW2228
Where Were You? LW2289 "Battle Hymn of the Republic LW2229
Religion Fading Into Mere Form LW 2290 A Narrow Escape LW2230
Does It Matter What You Believe LW2321 The Trouble Tree LW2466
Doing That Which We Condemn In Others 3222 Growing Up With the Bomb LW2467
The Umpire Fell Dead LW2323 Being What You Can Be LW2468
Neat to Be Found LW2324 Proper Motivation LW2469
Legally Dead While Still Alive LW2325 And They Say It Happened by Accident LW2470
Some things Money Can't Buy LW2456 Read Your Bible LW2471
Knowing What You Want LW2457 Avoiding Accountability LW2472
When Things Don’t Go As Planned LW2458 Evolution is Religion, Not Science LW2473
The Government and Morality LW2459 Finding the Meaning of Life LW2474
How Mary Became an Alcoholic LW2460 Because of What You Are LW2475
The Sweetest Words LW1801 Learn To Live It LW2446
What Is In A Name? LW1802 How to Talk With your Teenagers? LW2477
You're Looks and Your Value LW1803 Help the Handicapped LW2478
Don't Sell Out Your Integrity LW1804 Turn It around LW2479
"I Wouldn't Have Done It That Way!" LW1805 Confidence in God LW2480
On Hospitality LW2486 No Poverty or Vice? LW2161
You're Looks and Your Value LW2487 Rediscovering Reading LW2162
Packaged Success LW2488 Forgiveness LW2163
Turning the Other Cheek LW2489 Questions About Adoption LW2164
Scared To Death LW2490 Having Problem Parents? LW2165
Separating God and State? LW1541 Loving Your Enemies LW2546
The Greater Gift LW1542 The Lonely, The Old, The Forgotten LW2547
Bad News vs. Good News LW1543 Jesus Christ - Our Ideal LW2548
Jesus Will Take Care LW1544 A Mother's Care LW2549
Euphemism LW1545 Be an Expert LW2550
Perseverance - Don't Stop too Short LW2551 What's In A Name? LW2561
Getting the Bible Straight LW2552 The Guys Who Criticize LW2562
Be Resourceful - Use the Bible LW2553 God Knows Everything LW2563
Things Are Not Always As They Look LW2554 God Is Everywhere LW2564
Bees Testify There Is a God LW2555 Gold! Gold! Gold! LW2565
What's The Worry? LW2566 Does Money Control Your Life LW2576
Superstitions and the Bible LW2567 God and Pride LW2577
Do You See People or Things? LW2568 Does Worry Control Your Life? LW2578
What Do You See, Direction or Discord? LW2569 We All Make Mistakes LW2579
Do You See God or Evolution? LW2570 Some People Are Never Satisfied LW2580
Jesus and Hard Work LW2656 What Is A Traitor? LW2661
Let Me Tell You about A Friend LW2657 The House That Was Never Finished LW2662
Peace - Our Common Desire LW2658 Happy Is the Nation LW2663
Getting Serious With Life LW2659 Spinning Your Wheels LW2664
Custer versus Caring LW2660 The Way We Should Go LW2665
Real Security LW2671 Are You Ready to Die LW2676
Reflections on Home? LW2672 Facing Loneliness LW2677
The Man Who Changed Our calendar LW2673 A Clear Conscience LW2678
Too Much Permissiveness LW2674 Do You Have The Blahs? LW2679
Accomplishments of the Older GenerationLW2675 Is It Nothing To You? LW2680
Are You Ready to Die LW2676 A Place to Belong LW2201
Teaching Children The Bible LW2182 God and Justice LW2202
Resentment LW2183 God and the Little Red Hen LW2203
He Knew How It Felt LW2184 When the Crowds Hiss LW2204
Not Justice But Mercy LW2185 A Blind Man's Cane LW2205
March 6 1857 the Dread Scott decision LW2246 Without The Flower the Treasure Is Lost LW2251
The Issue: Pornography LW2247 What Are You Doing With My World? LW2252
The Issue: Secular Humanism LW2248 Child Pornography LW2253
Children must accept homosexuality! The Right "Point Of View" LW2254
The Issue: Euthanasia LW2250 Media Sexploitation LW2255
The Bible and Freedom of the Press LW2276 Legislating Morality LW2581
Be Strong and of Good Courage LW2277 Justice and Tears LW2582
Can You Find Heaven by Accident LW2278 Shoplifting Is A Crime LW2583
Right Always Costs LW2279 There's Something In A Name LW2584
Taking the Blame LW 2280 Believing Enough to Give Your Life LW2585
A Family Affair -The Bible Way LW2586 Looking Back - To Mother LW1836
Where Is Your Treasure? LW2587 Adversity the Best Teacher LW1837
Man vs. God: Both Building Engineers LW2588 Get On Your Knees LW1838
Eating Fat and Staying Thin (Prov.31) LW2589 Complete Honesty LW1839
Sleep and Peace of Mind LW2590 "Ire for Hire" LW1840
Greed LW2121 Someone Cares Lw2141
A Victim of Our Own Trap LW2122 What Is Real Courage? LW2142
Getting Away vs. Getting Away With It LW2123 Reforming Vs. Retiring LW2143
The Measure of Mediocrity LW2124 Bouncing Back LW2144
Jumping To Conclusions LW2125 Clyde 28 years behind bars LW2145
The Attitude of Gratitude LW2291 Don’t Denounce the Genuine LW2301
Spere The Rod, Spoil The Child LW2292 Handsome Is As Handsome Does LW2302
Please Daddy, Let's Go LW2293 Wrong Guess LW2303
The Stag at The Pool LW2294 Friendship Returned LW2304
The Calf Path LW2295 The Great Sacrifice LW2305
I Saw A Murder Last Night! LW2306 Love the Son, Get The Prize LW2316
The Awesome Power of Devoted Love LW2307 From Fame To Welfare LW2317
Forty Wrestlers for Christ LW2308 Gratitude Remembers LW2318
There's Nothing More Astounding LW2309 When Circumstances Change LW2319
Making Your Marriage Partner over LW2310 Be Careful How You Judge LW2320
Be Careful How You Say It LW2491 Judging Others LW2501
Character In The Face of Insult LW2492 The Art of Positive Thinking LW2502
Courage to Begin Again LW2493 The Problem of Boredom LW2503
"We Can Go No Further" LW2494 Taking Time to Listen LW2504
Dead or Alive LW2495 Child Abuse LW2505
Getting Attention with Stunts LW2591 Being Me LW2606
The Right Place at The Right Time LW2592 Child Abuse LW2607
She Is More Precious Than Jewels LW2593 The Worst Blindness of All LW2608
Kids and Drugs LW2594 Reaching Across Racial Barriers LW2609
What Is It That You Fear the Most LW2595 People Abuse LW2610
He Won by Not Fighting LW1766 How to Talk With Your Teenagers LW1781
And They Say It Happened By Accident LW1767 Industrialism Takes Over The Family LW1782
Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later LW1768 Talking With Teenagers LW1783
"He Is God's Servant" LW1769 Giving Up On Life LW1784
The Trouble Tree LW1770 It's Time to Stay Home LW1785
Our Stay-At-Home-Society LW1806 Baby Doe LW1831
"Knocking Out" Racism LW1807 The Impact of Good News LW1832
Caring For Others LW1808 What Kind, These Christians LW1833
Nobody's Safe LW1809 "We Can Go No Further" LW1834
Enough Courage to Go On LW1810 Dead or Alive LW1835
Take a Look At The Scar LW2096 Good News for the Family LW2101
Find a Treasure Worth Protecting LW2097 A Look at Our Universe LW2102
Worthless but Valuable LW2098 Seeing Us As Others Do LW2103
Father and Son Beat Mother And Wife LW2099 You Can't Overlook Guilt LW2104
Big John LW2100 Finding Happiness LW2105
Two Seas LW2136 Most Unforgettable Character LW2186
Never Stop Learning LW2137 A Case of Priorities LW2186
Sometimes Life Backfires LW2138 Standing For the Right LW2188
Jesus Dropped Where We Are LW2139 The Enemy Close by LW2189
Seeing But Don't See LW2140 Prejudice - A look Into the Mirror LW2190
In The Teeth of the Storm LW2296 The Mystery Unveiled LW2601
When Good Men Do Nothing LW2297 Let Him Who Has Ears... LW2602
Greater Love Hath No Mam... LW2298 Don't Seek The Living Among The Dead LW2603
Is Punishment A Deterrent LW2299 Caring For Others LW2604
God is Booth Willing and Able LW2300 Helping or Honking LW2605
The Unlocked Door LW2616 Superstition and Reality LW2626
A Costly Gift for Jesus LW2617 Laying Your Life for A Friend LW2627
Marriage Counselors Part I LW2618. Only God could Make Us Humans LW2628
Marriage Counselors Part II LW2619 Left For dead LW2629
Encased In Love LW2620 Hope-Seen In the Lady From China LW2630
Paintings Shatter Darwin's Theory LW2631 What 1000,000 Children Voted For LW2636
Today I Saw Truth LW2632 How Do You Divorce a Ten-Year-Old? LW2637
Living a Lie LW2633 The Gift LW2638
Resurrection - Jesus Makes It Possible LW2634 The Teacher of Experience LW2639
A Man Serving People LW2635 "The Day I Was Arrested LW2640
Your Long Shadow LW2646 Overcoming Pain LW2651
The Goose in the Barnyard LW2647 The Value of Human Life LW2652
"I Hurt Inside" LW2648 The Meaning of Tears LW2653
Superstition is Bondage LW2649 Green Winter LW2654
Making Marriage a Love Affair LW2650 Coping With Jealousy LW2655
Don't Be Afraid To Fail LW2681 You've Got To Make It Happen LW2686
What About Cheating In School? LW2681 Rape - The Road to Recovery LW2687
The Bible and Near-Death Experiences LW2683 Learning and Applying LW2688
What Makes a Person Happy LW2684 Home Is Where Mommy Is LW2689
Marriage and Divorce LW2685 The Changing Times LW2690
Lonely and Forgotten? LW2691  
Is Lying Dishonest LW2692  
Reach Out LW2693  
Be an Optimist LW2694  
Understanding the Bible LW2695