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Campaign in Flores Magon

2011 last August we were pleased to have our first campaign with We Care our beloved brother  Marco Señoret, and we greatly enjoyed taking the gospel to the people in this area of Lake Coahuila, we had ten days of continuous learning to refine the method of evangelism that brought us our brother Marco, who but for some like myself is not new and we have almost seven years using this method, never ceases to be a blessing when we hear our brothers Marco expose it more and more for our new brothers who hear it for the first time this method. As always thank God the results that were not long in coming, because the campaign had three baptisms and three baptisms after it. This is always a joy and encouragement to all the brethren of the church are young or mature in the faith. The second day of the campaign was baptized, brother Leopoldo (Polo) he is a brother who has gone through great difficulties because he can't walk, and he suffered a terrible accident in a Vehicle, but still wanted to give his life on the Lord without denying their condition. Also Marco has baptized our brother and our sister Cristina Rosales and after the campaign three brothers.

So like all the previous times it was a blessing and a pleasure to work with our brothers Marco and always keep praying that God will continue to bless your life and ministry wherever you go. (The photograph of the brother Polo I have not, brother Marco I ask you please to add it to the page or video WeCare of Baptism, thanks.) RICARDO ALVAREZ C. (Preacher and Evangelist)


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