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We Care Ministries Staff

We Care Ministries is an outreach of Whites Ferry Road Church of Christ.

We Care Ministries
3201 N. 7th Street
West Monroe, LA 71291
(318) 397-2000

Please direct all web related comments, questions or requests to:


Hi There!

Larry Avis West began this soul-winning ministry in 1975 in West Monroe, Louisiana.  Knocking doors to offer aid to neighbors coming upon hard times and preaching the Gospel at night was the emphasis at the start and continues today.  Larry is nearing his 100th campaign.


Director, Evangelist, Editor After Action Report
(318) 348-1954, email lwest@wfr.org

West, Larry



Bill Oden is our AfterCare coordinator and in charge helping the congregation to help keep the new christians.

Assistant Director:
Oden, Bill

318/537-2489 ©




Hey there!

Chuck Thompson is the We Care Communications Coordinator. Chuck makes and keeps contact with the staff, cadre and congregations.  Chuck is also in charge of We Care event scheduling. He sets up and makes preparation for all arrival of the staff & cadre to the Campaign site. Chuck also counsels soul winners for further in depth training.
Land yacht

Assistant Director:

Communications Coordinator: RV COORDINATOR:

Thompson, Chuck (Rosemary)    

307/689-1164 ©



Marco not only serves as translator for Larry’s sermons each time Larry speaks, but he is director of the Spanish language We Care Ministries.  He trains Christians in Spanish how to win the lost and he preaches during Spanish-language campaigns.


Spanish Evangelist:

Señoret, Marco (Celia)


432/553-2964 Cell





Peggy trains one or more local Christian ladies at the campaign site how to keep the proper information and organize it.  Each name is a soul!


Campaign Office Manager:

West, Peggy


318/348-1276 ©



Trevis Bonnett








Secretary, Home Office:


WEBSITES: www.wecareministries.com



Just Part of the "Cadre" This is part of the We Care Ministries "Cadre" of trained soldiers who faithfully go and fight the battle for the souls of men. There would be no We Care Campaigns if it were not for the Cadre of God's wonderful army.

The Cadre ! God's "battle staff!"
(318) 397-2000, email wecare@wfr.org

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