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Report of activities in Unión Juarez

Union Juarez

First I thank God for the privileges that He has given me because all the things he has proposed in my life have taken place.
Likewise thanks to University for its efforts to make all this happen.
Also to my brother Marco Señoret for his efforts and the patience he had to teach me the bringing soul method of we care which I reaffirmed at this meeting that he and I had in Union Juarez.
Although Satan tried to stop me when I arrived to Tapachula, I'm glad to know the language he uses to destroy the work of God. then when I communicate with my family, I received the news that my daughter in law had been bitten by a scorpion, the next day my daughter Gaby was broken her foot, I believe that Satan had intended not to let me quiet while we worked in that town.
Finally after struggling with all these problems we began to look at the wonders of God. I cannot stop to mention of Mazariegos family who welcomed us and attended in the best way they could, I also mention the love that they project not only to brothers and sisters but all the people around, they really teach the love of God through their lives which was a great example to me as I learned on them many necessary things for my life. I can continue talking about the Mazariegos family many good things but it is better to speak about what God did while working on that place.
It's a great pleasure to know that God supports our work of evangelization by giving us seven baptisms in just six days. On the first day we went out, Marco, Emmanuel ( family member) and I were searching for a place where we could connect to Internet to do a print job and to have communication with my family, when We were returning home a woman named Lucia called us and invited us into to her house where we were welcomed by her and her husband Demetrio, immediately Marco showed them the method of we care which took immediate impacted on him and was baptized for the forgiveness of his sins in the same time, Lucia thought of her decision as she had been baptized in the light of the world and had many doubts about what she had heard from Marco, but God had prepared her heart to receive Him the next day when Marco explained her about the doctrine of God from the New Testament. While this was happening, Marco had to return to the airport because his luggage had not arrived on the same day with him. Meanwhile, I remained in the house of the Mazariegos family because God had been sent three young men who were willing to listen to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and biggest surprise came when two of them said yes, I want to be baptized for the remission of my sins, right away we went to the river to immerse these two young men Octavio (Tavito) and Marcos and joyfully returned to their homes.


We continue with our work and we went to visit VeroTavito's sister who was not very kind to greet us as she had a very reserved attitude,she invited us to come into her house and I showed her the We care method that she attended in a good way after one hour she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and decided to be baptized at the same time, I add that she had discouraged his brother Tavito not make that decision two days before, but thanks  God he did not stop  his intention, immediately moved to the river and was baptized and became a very good friend for both Marco and me.

Also visited several people who meet in denominations around the town who received the message gladly, these people were contacted for the Family Mazariegos to return to continue studying with them, may God bless them that way.

At the beginning of my report I mention three young people that I showed the method and only one of them decided not to obey, well, our time in Union Juarez was closing, having spent pleasant days with the family Mazariegos and Marco have taught the method with good results, knowing that the next day was Sunday which would be the last in Union Juarez, after finishing the day we went to the hotel to rest, about eleven o'clock at night someone knocked on the door, was Emmanuel Mazariegos to give us the news that Uriel, the young man who decided not to be baptized that day along with the other two  was ready to be baptized, praise God for that, later told how he had taken his decision. Gaby Mazariegos showed him a movie about God in a lap top and explained him how necessary is that human beings are baptized, thank God and the timely intervention of Gaby, Uriel is now one of the saved ones in the Kingdom of God.

On Sunday we met with the brothers and after finishing the worship service we had to say goodbye to the family that made us feel like we were family members Marco and I boarded a car that took us back to the city of Tapachula, where we had to separate each other, I was very sad because I really love Marco he have thought me many good things that have helped me to work in the work of God.

By Antonio Garcia, Iglesia de Cristo, Santiago Ixcuintla Nayarit.


Oct 31 - Nov 6 2011

Workshop and Campign

Pedro Mazariegos Iglesia de Cristo Unión Juárez

Chiapas Mexico