What will happen prior to a We Care Campaign

by  Chuck Thompson

Communications Coordinator

Hey there!

Step I
When you decide to host a campaign you should first call the We Care Communications
Coordinator,  Chuck Thompson (307/689-1164) or email him at (romans811wc@yahoo.com ). He
will help work out a campaign date, set up your pre-campaign events and speak with you
about you may expect. Chuck handles all aspects of the scheduling associates with a
campaign, seminars, and training clinics.

Step II
Once a date is confirmed, We Care will then immediately begin corresponding with you.
ChuckThompson, will then open the lines of communications with you. Along the way you
will receive the WCM Working Manual, naming and explaining the responsibilities of
various committees involved in preparation for and coordinating the campaign. The
WCM office will also send you names and addresses of our faithful Cadre of soldiers that
you may write them, inviting them to become involved in your campaign.

Step III
Chuck will work with Bill Oden, the WCM AfterCare Director, to set a date for an
AfterCare Workshop once WCM receives your deposit and your campaign dates are set.
Many people will be baptized during your campaign and our mutual concern is keeping
those new souls. Someone on WCM's Advance Team will arrive anywhere from two to
three weeks prior to your campaign. He and his wife will come in his RV to reside on
your church parking lot to. Assist your congregation in the upcoming adoptive processes.
Their preparatory work is focused on both developing healthy Christian attitudes toward
new members and the practical training of those older Christians as to how to keep new

Step IV
Select the directors of the various committees discussed in the WCM Campaign Manual
and send those names and addresses to the WCM office and Chuck Thompson. Or
coordinators with then send them letters of encouragement and offer further assistance.

Step V
Write the Cadre two or three times, inviting them to come and participate in your

Step VI
Encourage your committees to do their preparatory work. And pray, pray, pray for the
upcoming spiritual military assault on your area!

Step VII
Attend other We Care Campaigns to experience first-hand what is happening. Get the
feeling, taste the spirit, hear the joy, meet the Cadre and hug the new Christians. See how
it changes the lives of those local Christians. Then take the spirit home to your own
congregation, preparing them for your own upcoming celebration.

As the campaign approaches, preach evangelistic sermons, show the WCM soul-winning
training video again.

Step IX
Send someone to get the WCM utilities trailer (Chuck Thompson can tell you the trailer’s
location and discuss arrangements on its pickup), bringing in the electrical hookups for
RVs of the We Care Cadre of incoming soldiers, and transporting other necessary items
for the campaign.

Step X
Secure written permission, at least 3 months prior to the campaign, from the city for RV
temporary parking on your church lot. At the same time get written permission to set up a
temporary electric pole.

Step XI
Three to four weeks prior to your campaign, a WCM Field Coordinator (usually Chuck
Thompson, WCM Assistant Director)will arrive in his own RV on your church parking
lot and will become your right-hand man, assisting in accomplishing the details. He is
actually our “stage manager,” relieving everyone’s fears as to how to “pull all this
together.” He will meet with the elders, the committee leaders, will help coordinate the
Also, he will help in getting the electricity in place for the dozen or more RV’s that will
park on your lot. WCM has its own equipment to hook the RVs to your electrical
transformer, freeing the church from such expenses.

Step XII
Your Housing Coordinator must write incoming Cadre members, welcoming them,
giving them the names of their host families, addresses, maps and phone numbers.

One week prior to your campaign, a We Care Coordinator, will arrive and will travel to
apartment complexes, obtaining managers’ permission for our knocking doors there. The
Coordinator, assisted by other in the voluntary Cadre, stays a week after the campaign
closes, directing the “follow-through” of the ongoing studies initiated during the
campaign itself.

Step XIV
Others begin to arrive just days before the campaign actually begins. This is where the
housing director does his/her work of making sure the incoming workers find their host

Step XV
The “training camp” begins on Wednesday night and continues the next two nights, while
we begin knocking doors on Thursday morning.

Step XVI
Campaign preaching begins on the next Sunday evening and continues for the next seven
days. Door-knocking and evangelizing friends and families continue each day.