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Booking info

Contact Chuck Thompson, Communications Coordinator, for bookings.  Telephone him at: 307/689-1164


We Care Ministries offers four major events:



I.  A week-end Seminar – Trains Christians in the We Care Ministries –


A. Soul-winning “Product” of:


     1. How to approach a prospect and begin salvation dialog,


     2. How to compliment, interview and learn their profile,


     3. How to turn the conversation and present the Gospel,


     4. How to “cut-the-fat-and-get-to-the-muscle” Gospel,


     5. How to “close the sale.”


B. How to implement the We Care Product in your own congregation



II. A Soul-winning Clinic – All of the above plus lab experience



III. An “AfterCare” Workshop – A special event to train your congregation in the

We Care method of keeping your new converts all the way to Heaven.



IV. A Full 12-day Soul-winning Campaign – All of the above plus:


       A. Daily hitting the streets and using the above training to actually win souls,


       B. Learning OJT with We Care Cadre of trained workers serving as leaders,

who come in and serve as you trainers in the field


       C. Experiencing spiritual highs only real evangelism can bring


       D. The end result is your congregation has grown.



If you would like to book a We Care event at and for your congregation, contact Chuck Thompson, Communications Coordinator, 307/689-1164.



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