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Battle Cry

By Larry West  

We come to fight as free men.  And free we are.  For the cross is our statue of liberty. 

This banner we follow shows His thorn-pierced brow.  Where it goes we go.  Where it waves, we fight.  And where it flies is to invade Satan’s land. 

To rescue the weak from the snatch of that dragon, to seize the innocent from that enemy’s dark snare, to bring back to the King His kidnapped darlings, that is our duty.  Our obligation.  And do it we will in these Ministries called “We Care.” 

Seeing those we love having died already, and died they did the martyred death, we too with them cry, “freedom!” 

Our prayer is not to die in our sleep whilst the enemy rapes our land.  But with sword in hand.  With prayer on lips.  And with fire we see in each other’s eyes, our aim is to help revive God’s church, reenergize God’s people and restore our home.  

Rally up the troops we must!  For only warriors beget warriors!  And in this war only death begets life.

  As His loyal army serve we will with one another!  And with eyes witnessing Jesus standing, waving His troops to “onward go,” our prayer is not just to die, but to God be the glory, Lord give us strength to die well.

For we are devoted to our Monarch, that King of kings.  And as the Sovereign Emperor bled for us, we now bleed for Him.  Etched in human blood we mirror the wounded soldier who wrote his last words in the American Civil War.  He said, “Major, tell my father I died with my face to the enemy.”


Tell my Father I died with my face to the enemy!