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Larry West began this soul-winning ministry in 1975 in West Monroe, Louisiana.  Knocking doors to offer aid to neighbors coming upon hard times and preaching the Gospel at night was the emphasis at the start and continues today.  Larry has completed his 200th campaign, and more.




We Care Ministries is a group of Christians who travel the country, helping churches (1) win souls, (2) learn how to win souls in their communities, and (3) be encouraged.  It’s purpose truly is EVANGELISM in ACTION


The workers are called “Cadre.”  More than a hundred “We Care Cadre” travel sometimes even into Canada and Mexico to help churches grow through seminar training and campaign evangelism.  Nearly 800 have participated in We Care ON THE ROAD!  Some of these are “full-timers.” Serving on the staff are other full-time evangelists, including a Hispanic for Spanish churches.  Others go once or twice a year, maybe more, taking their vacations to go with us.


The ministry is 30 years old.  In the last 12 years we have seen more than 5000 become Christians by “obeying the Gospel.”  Those have occurred in just our Campaigns.  More have obeyed and are obeying resulting from our soul-winning materials.  You can find those if you will click on the button, “Materials,” at the top of this page (above the button, “About Us”).


We invite you to (1) request our coming to help your church grow or (2) you to join our band of soldiers, learn our process, and travel with us in our growing and training churches and having fun discovering America.


We Care Ministries offers four major events:

I.  A week-end Seminar – Trains Christians in the We Care Ministries –

A. Soul-winning “Product” of:

     1. How to approach a prospect and begin salvation dialog,

     2. How to compliment, interview and learn their profile,

     3. How to turn the conversation and present the Gospel,

     4. How to “cut-the-fat-and-get-to-the-muscle” Gospel,

     5. How to “close the sale.”

B. How to implement the We Care Product in your own congregation


II. A Soul-winning Clinic – All of the above plus lab experience


III. An “AfterCare” Workshop – A special event to train your congregation in the We Care method of keeping your new converts all the way to Heaven.


IV. A Full 12-day Soul-winning Campaign – All of the above plus:

       A. Daily hitting the streets and using the above training to actually win souls,

       B. Learning OJT with We Care Cadre of trained workers serving as leaders, who come in and serve as you trainers in the field

       C. Experiencing spiritual highs only real evangelism can bring

       D. The end result is your congregation has grown.


More FYI:


We Care Ministries serves small churches, medium and large, any size.  We have helped to grow small churches that consisted originally of 9 members, helping them to increase to above 40, and we have worked with large 1000 and 1200-member congregations, baptizing in the dozens.  The Lord has blessed us to concert together even as many as 12 congregations in a single evangelism effort.  We have worked with white, with black and with Hispanic congregations in both three-day training seminars and 12-day full-blown campaigns, involving the grass-root memberships.


Our evangelism approach confronts lost people.  We address directly the fact we humans are lost in sin, next we present to them the Gospel that saves, finally we show them the church of the Bible.  Yet how we approach them produces more Christian courage among disciples because it is friendly, caring and non-threatening.  Confronting yet kind.  It works beautifully.  We are told some efforts in our brotherhood requires the worker to talk to 20 and more people before he is able to get in with the Gospel; yet, our national averages show, if we talk to only seven we will get a Bible study; then, if we do that four times, we will baptize someone into Christ.  As a result, we are seeing somewhere between 450 to 500 come into the body of Christ every year.  If we do not actually get into a study, the approach enables us to leave a friend for future call back. 


Our goal is threefold: (1) to win souls, (2) to train soul winners, and (3) to always edify the church.  And we believe it is in the very approach that lends itself to accomplish our goal.


Our going to the Christians’ own neighborhoods to train them there accomplishes several goals.  With our going to them we see four major successes.  (1) We pull Christians into the work centralized campuses would never get.  Too many older Christians are so settled in their jobs and families they would never leave home. Unmotivated, they, thus, believe they could never get the training for soul winning.  (2) Often the home church lacks confidence and direction and needs nothing short than to be converted!  To their mission!  When we go to them to invade their own area in this theater of war for souls, and when we do it with them at our sides, attitudes change!  (3) When we convert them with this hands-on training they see their own neighbors, ones they thought could never be reached, truly can be brought to Christ.  And as a result, (4) all this brings to them home-church revival; the past’s conquering mentality of “can’t do’s” and “smallness” is overpowered.  The best church revival in existence is evangelism!


We pick up new soul winners along the way.  We do it through training and stimulating local Christians in the sponsoring campaign churches or week-end training seminars.  “Full time” Cadre workers continue to join us as we grow.


Although We Care Ministries is under the oversight of the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ in West Monroe, Louisiana, and every Christian staff member and worker comes from different home churches, some have called this company of soldiers another congregation of God’s people.   If that be the case, we humbly but excitedly ask, when have you heard of another USA church win a hundred USA souls in a single month?  And start two new congregations?  In a third-world country, yes, we know of those, praise God for them!  But where in the United States?  And that part of the 450 to 500 new souls nearly every year, again, that in the USA?  To God be the glory, yes, this approach does work.  It is a good idea and one that produces fruit!


Why not join this ministry?  The approach succeeds!  It is trainable.  It grows churches!  It encourages brethren!  Truly for Heaven’s sake, if something works, wouldn’t it be wise to find out why!  Invite us to help your church grow!  Support us monthly or with a year-end donation.  And always please pray for this work.  We are most grateful!

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