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Thirty-seven souls won in Abilene campaign

What an exciting campaign we just completed in Abilene, Texas!  We saw 33 come to the Lord in obedience to the Gospel, and four more were restored!  And here they are!!  Jump up and down with me!  Praise the Lord!  Look at these new BABES!  These are only some of them!! 

Some of our new Christians even went out with us to find others!  And how they grew!  When they go with us and hear the Gospel presented over and over again, oh, they dooooo grow in Christ!!  One sweet lady was actually on her very last crust of bread.  She had made some bread out of some dough and yeast someone had given her and a spoonful of peanut butter.  That’s all she had!  The church really adopted her!!  She is such a joy!!


We found every third door someone at home.  Of those, we taught one out of every five.  And of those to whom we taught the Gospel, one out of every six obeyed!  Those are great numbers!


The local newspaper, the Abilene Reporter News, produced quite a story on us.  They also produced a video for their web site.  To see it, go back to the home page here, then click on “News Abilene” up in the left-hand corner.  You will then find at the top of their page the headline that says, “Church, outreach ministry hand out food and other aid (VIDEO).”  Click on the play button there and see what they did.  THEY produced it. We just picked it up and simply placed it on our own web page.


This couple, Jerry and Zell Cranahan, is one our Marco Senoret (Spanish Evangelist on our team) and his team found.  He presented the Gospel to them in their home.  They did not obey immediately, but they showed up every single night!!!  They sat on the second row and just ate up the Word!  And at the end of the campaign, here they came!

After services were over on Victory Sunday, the elders at Baker Heights there in Abilene met to discuss all these new converts, resolving all the more to nurture, mature and KEEP all they can all the way to Heaven! 


On Monday morning after the campaign closed Bill Baskett, our Cadre member there, went to a funeral home to meet with the family of one of our new sisters.  One of the family had passed.  There he met two of them and confronted them and set up even another study with them.  I mean, it just keeps on going!!  Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to happen??  And we hear such things as that happening all the time!  Another brother stepped up to me on Victory Sunday morning and told me, “Larry, I didn’t get all the training, but I asked a friend of mine ‘The Question,’ and it works!!  Aha!  Yes it does!  That’s the point!!  Praise God!


Things are going so fast at this time I cannot even get it all done! 


We’re off to Williamsburg, Virginia, again.  Today we’re just home washing clothes and cleaning up after Abilene, then it’s on the road again!


30 residents obey the Gospel in Abilene Campaign
As of Friday afternoon, 30 souls have been baptized into Christ and two more have been restored.  And the local AfterCare Coordinator says, "If any are lost they will have marks on their bodies where we were hanging onto them."  Each have a mentor assigned and they are involved.  Some of these new Christians have been going out with our teams to share their newfound salvation with them!
The stories are simple but powerful!  We leave the building.  We knocked the door.  Or we step up to them on the parking lots.  We tell them we want to help people in need.  We find such people.  We carry in groceries.  We pass the hat among ourselves to collect funds to pay a utility bill.  We help where we can.  We try to put legs on the words, "We Care."  We next inform, "We want to help our neighbors get to Heaven as well."  We ask, "What if the Lord were to come right now?  Are you ready?"  We hear their stories.  We tell ours, the one that shows how the Gospel saved us ... and can save them.  They listen.  They are touched.  They repent.  They obey.
It changes lives.  It changes hearts both of the lost and of the saved who find them!  God is at work in wonderful Christians.
It works.  We are finding one out of every three doors someone is at home.  Of those we present the Gospel to one out of every five here in Abilene. Of those we are baptizing one out of every six who hear the saving message.
Why aren't Christians reaching out all over the country?  For Heaven's sake, why?


Twenty three PLUS now obey in seven days
in Abilene, Texas, Campaign


It's 23 now who have obeyed the Gospel in our Abilene campaign and one more who was restored!!  And more are obeying the Gospel even as I write this.  I'm away from the building at the moment. 
Eighty six Cadre and other out-of-towners from 19 states have joined the wonderful Baker Heights church to reach out into the community.  We have given away more than 130 boxes of groceries and have helped with other chores where residents have needed help.  One senior citizen was on her last piece of bread, which she had herself made out of flower and a little yeast a friend had given her, and a sampling of peanut butter.  She was overjoyed to see someone who cared.  And she is now your new sister, locking in with her new family in Christ! 
We have studied with Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, agnostics and a host of wonderful church people of all kinds, folks from Africa, Germany, Mexico, the Philippines, India and Turkey.  We are still finding one out of three doors someone homeW; one out of every five of those found home has resulted in a Gospel Presentation; one out of every 6 of those who have heard the Gospel, then, has resulted in a baptism into Christ.  We have seen even some of those new Christians come out to join our teams and hit the streets with us!
On one study, where a new Christian took us to her neighbors, one of our Cadre members presented the Gospel to him, and when he finally had him read Acts 22:16, he asked him to " Please give God your answer."  That is where he was asking for his commitment to obey and follow Christ.  We instruct in our training that the one who then speaks either makes or breaks the "sale."  And we use that term, sale, only to show we are asking for the commitment.  So they sat there 15 full minutes.  Finally, the man spoke saying, "I can't live it!"  Then, the new sister, Robbye Stewart, pleaded, telling him how when she came up and out of the water in her own obedience, she saw the "light," that in our "welcome circle" all she saw was people like light, warm, accepting, loving, wonderful.  And she talked another 20 minutes, saying things every church should hear!!!  What encouragement!  What joy!! 
Inexpressible joy!
We have four more days.  Pray we win many more.
Oh, btw, our AfterCare is also going wonderfully.  More later

Ten saved by Sunday night in Abilene Campaign

As West was offering the invitation on Sunday night in walks Jim Smith (Cadre) with two he and his team had been studying with the previous hour.  They, mother and daughter, were ready to obey the Gospel.  So, as we sang, down to the front they marched to and into Christ!  That brings the number to nine who have obeyed by Sunday night and one restored.  We have a full week to go.  Please pray for us in this ongoing campaign.


Seven new souls as Abilene campaign begins


This morning, Friday, we saw 17 teams hit the streets and they conducted 13 studies before noon.  This afternoon  the second day of the campaign, number six obeyed the Gospel.  One obeyed the day before the campaign actually began and four more the very first day with an additional restoration.  On every team that we have sent out since the beginning of the campaign, which was yesterday morning, we have had at least one local Christian.  Sometimes there have been two!  That is unusual ... and wonderful!  More Cadre are expected over the weekend, bringing more bold, yet kind, soul winners onto the scene. 

Abilene, Texas - The campaign began this morning in Abilene with the wonderful Baker Heights church and our Cadre leading out local Christians to the streets.  Eighty-six outside workers, mostly seasoned Cadre, are signed up to be here.  It will be a hundred before it's all over. 

We are in the midst of conducting our training, which includes our Seminar accomplished several weeks ago, and our Clinic at night, refining the skills of both our Cadre and local Christians.  As you see in the pictures, we give "classroom" training, then our We Care facilitators take them to rooms and into "lab."  Christians then hear themselves "ask the question," leading into salvation dialogue.  That occurs at night the first week.  In the mornings we hit the streets.  Marco Senoret, our Spanish evangelist on the staff, usually conducts this "classroom" training in Spanish to Hispanic churches in this country and Mexico, but conducted it in English before the large audience here in Abilene.
One has already obeyed the Gospel.  Arletha Austin is now your new sister in Christ!  Pray we win many more.


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