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Does door knocking work? The multiplying power of a united effort Do We Care Campaigns change people’s lives?

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What is We Care Ministries?

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We Care Ministries is EVANGELISM in ACTION

More than a hundred called the “We Care Cadre” travel to Churches of Christ around the USA, sometimes into Canada and Mexico, to help churches grow through seminar training and campaign evangelism.  Nearly 800 have participated in We Care ON THE ROAD!  Some of these are “full-timers.” Serving on the staff are other full-time evangelists, including a Hispanic for Spanish churches.  Others go once or twice a year, maybe more, taking their vacations to go with us.

While the ministry is 30 years old, in the last 12 years we have seen more than 5000 obey the Gospel, that just in our Campaigns.  More have obeyed and are obeying resulting from our soul-winning materials.

You may want either (1) for us to come and help your church grow or (2) you may want to join our band of soldiers, learn our process, and travel with us in our growing and training churches and having fun discovering America.

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Does door knocking work

What others say about We Care Ministries


 Florida:  (Preacher) “After we had Larry up and he conducted the We Care Seminar in Detroit where I preached, we took the training and baptized 40 that first year.  We were baptizing an average of 30 every year after that.  Then, after I moved to Florida, I started going to Panama every year.  I went down after the first week of the Medical Mission.  They had baptized 12.  I said to myself, ‘Enough of this!’  So, I took the leaders aside and trained them in the We Care approach.  Then the second week we baptized 47!  And that was among just six workers!  We went back the second year and baptized 61!  The third year 64!

Kansas:  (Elder) “What I have learned has been life changing for me!”

Texas:  (New convert talking to unsaved friend) “They teach you one-on-one.  Nobody’s ever done that for me before!”

Tennessee:  (We Care Cadre member) “Got back from the Campaign and used the following Sunday's lesson to talk about the We Care Campaign and God's call. The following Sunday I began a series on ‘The Gospel.’   After the sermon one of the ladies of the congregation came up to me and said, ‘Okay, where is this method that is so simple that anybody can do it?’   She is in her late 30's, raised in the church, her dad was an elder in the church and she said she has never sat down with anyone and taught them about Jesus.  I gave two of them the little We Care New Testaments and briefly explained how to use it and told them to go home that afternoon and familiarize with it.  We had a visitor that Sunday morning, who is the adult daughter of a new convert.  That evening, the visitor, Nina Ramirez, came back and these two sisters studied with her during our assembly time, and when I went back to see how it went I learned she was ready to obey the Gospel.”

Connecticut:  “I was amazed at how many times I heard someone say, ‘Oh, now I get it!’”


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